My grandfather had an old Airstream that he sold to my dad for $2,000.  It was in bad shape after some neighborhood kids smashed in the windows, so it was sold to someone else for a pittance.  Now, I wish we still had the Airstream because after seeing what Jim Gooley did to his, I have a hankering to do the same.  Gooley partnered with Livingreen to trick out the Airstream’s interior with all sorts of green products.  The renovated trailer was on display at Altbuild last weekend in Santa Monica, and here’s what they used:


  • American Clay earth plaster walls;
  • Bamboo counters and cabinets;
  • Cork floor tiles throughout;
  • Energy efficient LED lighting; and
  • Eco-friendly fabrics and organic bed.

Also, Jim Gooley plans to make the Airstream entirely off-grid.  There’s a strip of solar wrapped around the front of the trailer, which will help get him there.  And while we’re talking about off-grid trailers, this project reminds me of Emergency Response Studio, which is an off-grid FEMA-style trailer that was gutted and retrofitted inside and out with interesting green gear.  FEMA or Airstream, which would you rather have?




First noticed at Re-nest; Photo credits: Dubroworks.