Green Ideabox Set in Port Townsend


On Cherry Street in Port Townsend, Washington, a confluence modern version of an ideabox prefab was installed.  The 840 square-foot home has an open kitchen and living area flanked by two bedrooms / bathrooms on the ends.  It sits perfectly on a small lot and the deck leads to a vegetable garden where the new homeowners will be able to live off the land, to a certain extent. 


Confluence floorplan

The new ideabox house has become quite popular in Port Townsend — once the deck was installed and the sunny, spring weather hit, purchase offers came streaming in.  That's understandable, because the home is Energy Star and Earth Advantage certified and comes with all the simple luxuries one could ask for in a home.  

As of three months ago, a confluence modern could be purchased for about $85,000, making it highly competitive with the Clayton i-House that we talked about recently.  Also, the small town of Port Townsend has a modern Dwelling Shed, which is kind of in the same category of small prefab homes.  In any event, if you like these photos, this confluence modern will likely be open for tours soon, so follow the ideabox blog for updates …

Ideabox-side Faucet-ideabox




Bathroom-ideabox Bath-ideabox


Photo credits: Charlie Arthur, RE/MAX listing broker. 

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  • Brian N.

    Great little houses like this are going to have the biggest impact on green housing. This is something people can afford.

  • Carson

    Another from the hometown. this is only a few blocks from my parents house

    • Preston

      We’re doing our best to put Port Townsend on the modern prefab map …

  • Mike M

    What are the chances they flatten the roof and make this stackable? I don’t know how enticing the floorplan is as a stand alone home, but it looks comparable to many apartment plans.

  • Portland Real Estate

    Very well done, I really like the modern look to it. The wood touches to everything is gorgeous. It also looks like there is a lot of natural light coming in. It will be wonderful when affordable green houses like these are available everywhere.

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