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This is a quick public service announcement from Phil Clark, a journalist at UBM Built Environment in the UK.  He blogs at Zerochampion and previously wrote a guest article on this site.  

Want to hear from experts and professionals on their experiences of sustainable design and construction?  All from the comfort of your home or office?  Well a new virtual event I’m running next week, called Sustainability Now, may well be up your street.  It’s free to attend and offers a flexible way for finding green content, from reports, articles, and data to video and audio shows.  You can also connect directly with your peers in green architecture, engineering, and building at a lounge area, which offers instant messenger communication for users.

Although some of the focus of the event will by UK sustainable legislation, there should be enough during the two days – next Wednesday and Thursday (May 13 – 14) – to help you shape your attempts to green the built environment stateside.  We will be looking at the Passiv Haus green method and how this could be used as a basis for low-carbon design for houses and other building types.  A live web seminar will also look at how best to tackle upgrading existing housing to ensure already-built houses don’t continue to leak heat or consume considerable electricity and water. 

I’ve been long interested in how different regions and countries can share and collaborate in the green building movement to accelerate innovation and change.  My last post on this site was on the prospect of a global green building standard.  This seems a closer prospect after the announcement in March of an accord signed by the organizations behind the USGBC LEED standard and the UK BREEAM method to work on a common method of measuring carbon emissions from new buildings.

With this is mind I’m planning to run an American hour at Sustainability Now on the second day of the show.  This will be towards the end of proceedings to allow for the time difference (unless some of you are keen night owls and want to log in during the early hours).  I’ll be inviting some experts in the U.S. to discuss challenges they face in cutting carbon from new and existing buildings – from the technical as well as policy perspective.  You’re all welcome to take part in what I hope should prove enlightening and entertaining event.

To register for Sustainability Now click here.