This is ChargePoint, an electrical plug-in station that’s powered and monitored through a smart network. It was developed by Coulomb Technologies, who recently teamed up with Carbon Day Automotive to add a new little twist. Coulomb and CDA coupled the ChargePoint with a solar photovoltaic array to create one of the nation’s first Solar Plug-in Stations. These pictures show a Solar Plug-in Station provided for the City of Chicago. You may be interested in knowing that this Solar Plug-in Station was designed by Chicago’s own Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture (you know, the Eco-Bridge and Clean Technology Tower).


Previously, we mentioned Solar Trees by Envision Solar and also discussed the plug-in, hybrid Prius coming to market in the near future. Throw in the Tesla, or maybe the P.U.M.A., together with this Solar Plug-in Station, and the future looks a whole lot different. We’re seeing the seeds of a new transportation infrastructure. The Solar Plug-in Station is one seed. Envision Solar is another. Plug-in electrical and hybrid vehicles are another.

The ramifications are big, and I imagine real property owners and developers are paying attention. Streets, homes, parking garages, and parking lots will be the gas stations of the future. Like ATMs for banks, forward-thinking property owners could have a new source of income, if they play their cards right. It may take four to five years for electrical vehicles to climb the charts of interest, but it looks like things are going that direction.




[+] Chicago Unveils First Networked Solar Plug-In Station

Photo credits: Carbon Day.