A Reclaimed Straw Bale Bunkhouse


Readers liked Caleb Schafer's $70k Simple Modern Home, so I thought it'd be interesting to quickly mention his thesis project, which was all about green design and construction.  The project was to design and build a modern, straw bale bunkhouse for his parents.  Caleb and his dad built the structure with reclaimed barn beams (power washed and sealed), reclaimed Malaysian hardwood flooring, local straw, locally harvested lumbar, and materials from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.  It's a reclaimed straw bale bunkhouse!

Update: Caleb tells me they spent a total of ~$15k to build this.




Catch Caleb at Simple Modern Homes, if you're looking for affordable, sustainable, modern design. 

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  • calhan

    What a terrific little structure! Seems quite well executed, especially considering the constraints.

    It’s very encouraging to see projects like this and Caleb’s work, truly green, high quality, and actually within the means of regular people. I can’t help but appreciate many of the beautiful homes that I’ve seen here and elsewhere, but at $200+/sf a home like that will always be out of my reach, and even if the financial aspect were not an issue how “green” can a home be with that kind of material investment? Real, practical projects are somehow just more inspiring. I think it’s the difference between “Lifestyles of the Rich and Pretentious” and “The Life I’m Actually Working Towards”. Hope to see more.

    ps – “locally harvested lumbar” is my euphemism for elbow grease from now on.

    • http://www.jetsongreen.com Preston

      Calhan, you make some important points. There’s a balancing act because high design can be high priced, but we like to find people who provide good design at a good price. Our homes should be better and more affordable.

  • http://mportlandrealestate.com Portland Real Estate

    I was thinking of converting an old barn to become a complete mother in law house with the upper area changed into either a studio or a greenhouse.

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