Modern Passive Solar Cascade House


This house — designed by Paul Raff Studio — has been recognized by GreenSource Magazine as the Best Green House for April 2009.  The 3,500 square-foot home was optimally situated to receive natural light and efficiently built using SIPs.  With automated shades, passive ventilation, and mature deciduous trees, the Cascade House stays cool in the summer and absorbs warm light in the winter. 


The above picture shows one of the home's most interesting design elements.  The east-facing window is made of 475 panels of 19-millimeter stacked glass, which is set in a crenellated pattern.  The greenish window allows in natural light while still maintaining a level of privacy for the interior. 

In the comments to the GreenSource article, some people remarked that the home was still too big to be considered a Best Green House.  In addition, the article doesn't really mention the energy or water performance of the home … but it's clearly been designed with the environment in mind and we like that.




Photo credits: Ben Rahn/A Frame for GreenSource.

  • Chad Ludeman

    Much coolness.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with those who said Cascade House is too big. Such size is in no way sustainable. Studies of happiness show that after a certain not very high income, happiness does not increase with wealth. So why don’t we start presenting and praising smaller homes? Size should be the first criteria of greeness.

    • RiverCityMan

      Denise – you’re absolutly right about promoting smaller houses.
      Hopefully, with a reduced size, cost will follow suit.

  • Portland Real Estate

    Awesome house. I love the bedroom and how the bed is walled of slightly by the dresser drawers, that is a very good use of furniture and space.

  • Henry_michel

    great..its so greatttt

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