A little while back, Robert Kerr let us know about a new line of hybrid construction homes that his firm developed called Select.  The renderings in this article show the first Select home, which was designed for a private client to be built in Los Angeles.  Referred to as the Meridian Residence, this unique home accommodates mature trees already on the site — notice the Olive tree atrium in the middle.  We'll definitely keep you posted as the home moves forward and approaches completion …


All Select homes, including the Meridian Residence, are guided by four main principles:

  • Architectural – provide sophisticated, contemporary, and adaptable design in a range of colors, arrangements, sizes, and shapes;
  • Economic – reduce construction costs through strategic prefab manufacturing, efficient construction, and off-the-shelf components;
  • Ecological – utilize recycled materials, efficient construction methods, and strategic prefab manufacturing to minimize all carbon emissions; and
  • Sociological – provide flexible, accessible, efficient, and affordable (priced to traditionally-styled, factory-built homes) options for more people.  

Select homes are partially prefabricated off-site and customized on-site to maximize affordability and appeal to those discouraged by the high cost of prefab.  Make sure to check out Select prefab, if you're in thinking of building something…




Rendering credits: Robert Kerr and Select Home.