The latest Dwell has an article by Geoff Manaugh on the Dwell Home II.  After four years in "home design and permitting," homeowners Glen Martin and Claudia Plasencia have broken ground.  They're moving forward with construction.  The homeowners are building this design from Escher GuneWardena Architecture, which they chose because sustainability was presented as "an integrated system," as opposed to as an afterthought.  Here are a few of the home's green elements:


  • Abundant natural light with 360-degree wraparound veranda;
  • Optimized site exposure for winter and summer sun;
  • Backyard leach field without a city sewage connection;
  • Roof with greenery, solar, solar thermal, and hydronic roof radiators;
  • Facade holes that naturally ventilate the underbelly of the home; and
  • Movable and fixed shade devices that provide privacy and ventilation.

When you get your copy of Dwell in May, you may notice slightly different renderings.  The newest renderings have a larger rooftop solar system and do not show the solar chimneys.  There's likely been a few design changes over four years, so we'll keep you posted as the design becomes a reality. 



Rendering credits: Escher GuneWardena Architecture.