This is an affordable green home that is also the first, LEED-H Platinum, single-family home in Ohio.  In addition, the home is said to be the first in state to feature both solar thermal and photovoltaic solar panels on one roof.  It's beautiful and traditional — definitely the kind of home our non-modern readers dream about — and accented by a leisurely large front porch.  If you're in the area, there's an open house on Thursday, May 21, 2009; if you're not, we have some great photos to give you a peek inside.  Check out its green features:


LEED Kitchen

  • 2 kW photovoltaic system generates on-site energy;
  • Solar thermal system installed on long-lasting metal roof;
  • Local, recycled materials used to build and decorate;
  • No- and low-VOC materials off-gas less than normal materials;
  • Built to a 24" module to avoid material waste;
  • Built with tight envelope and thorough venitilation;
  • Backyard rain garden absorbs water runoff; and
  • Yard is landscaped with native, drought-tolerant plants. 

You can read about the construction process and specifications at the Home B.A.S.E. 2007 blog.  The home uses approximately 72% less energy than a comparable non-green house and saves approximately 70% on water costs with the solar thermal system. 





The home is located at 258 North 21st Street in Columbus, Ohio.  It was made possible by the collaboration and cooperation of Roger Beck, a Technology Education teacher, and the students of the college preparatory Home B.A.S.E. (Building Academic Skills and Experiences) class, The Home B.A.S.E. Foundation, Columbus Housing Partnership, American Electric Power, the City of Columbus, NeighborWorks ® America, Limited Brands Foundation, The Home Depot, Betsy Pettit, FAIA, The Building Science Corporation Inc., Contract Lumber, Josh Lloyd, Associate AIA, LEED AP at Phillip Markwood Architects, and Sullivan Bruck Architects (design architect).

Photo credits: Josh Lloyd at Phillip Markwood Architects.