Cosentino, the world’s largest maker of quartz, has just launched an eco-friendly countertop called ECO by Cosentino.  The new countertop is the embodiment of six million dollars of research over a three year period.  It’s available nationally through Lowe’s at a price of $68-$118, depending on thickness and color.  ECO contains 75% post-consumer and post-industrial recycled raw materials and 25% natural elements.

ECO by Cosentino

These countertops are made from salvaged mirrors, window and bottle glass, porcelain from home products, industrial furnace residuals from factories, stone scrap, and a proprietary bond containing 22% corn oil resin.

ECO is available in ten colors and the company indicates that the new countertop is a durable product with high stain, scratch, and scorch performance.  ECO by Cosentino is GREENGUARD certified for low chemical emissions and can help contribute towards LEED certification.

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Photo credits: Eco by Cosentino.