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Cosentino, the world’s largest maker of quartz, has just launched an eco-friendly countertop called ECO by Cosentino.  The new countertop is the embodiment of six million dollars of research over a three year period.  It’s available nationally through Lowe’s at a price of $68-$118, depending on thickness and color.  ECO contains 75% post-consumer and post-industrial recycled raw materials and 25% natural elements.

ECO by Cosentino

These countertops are made from salvaged mirrors, window and bottle glass, porcelain from home products, industrial furnace residuals from factories, stone scrap, and a proprietary bond containing 22% corn oil resin.

ECO is available in ten colors and the company indicates that the new countertop is a durable product with high stain, scratch, and scorch performance.  ECO by Cosentino is GREENGUARD certified for low chemical emissions and can help contribute towards LEED certification.

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Photo credits: Eco by Cosentino.

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  • Portland Real Estate

    Awesome. I was hoping that they would create something like this soon. I love the look of marble countertops but unfortunately that is the worst as far as environmental impact (and can often contain radon). This looks like a good alternative because it is safe, sustainable, and not bad looking at all.

  • Lancaster countertop installer

    Wow, this stuff sounds pretty amazing, right now I mostly work with solid surface countertops but am always curios about new materials. If this stuff is really as scratch resistant as the manufacturer is suggesting that would be very cool, as the big downside to some solid surface material is scratching. Also, I wonder if this material is a workable as solid surface. I’ll have to try and get a sample piece and see if I like it. Great post, looking forward to checking this stuff out.

  • Bay Area Designer

    Is there a concern about what is in the salvaged mirrors (old mirrors contain mercury) and furnace manufacturer residuals. Even with low emissions I would be concerned about particuate matter as the material wears.

  • nj countertops

    Those countertops look great. An awesome green option for the home. Great post. Thanks for the information

  • ECO By Design

    It is hard surface like quartz but better m11ando and is in wonderful colors. I saw at KBIS last week. Better than all of the other green products for countertops. 5 leed points available. Cant wait to get it!!!

  • Anonymous

    We just recently purchased the Terra Eco Countertop from Cosentino. Beautiful countertop and based our cabinets and backsplash on the countertops. Day after installation, we started noticing numerous scratches and divots in the countertop. They tried to come out and fix them and were unable to. This countertop was more expensive than any other surface and ended up costing us alot as we had to return it. Luckily the place we purchased the countertop was great and recognized the product was poor. Maybe it will get better once they figure out their manufacturing process is not producing a quality product. I would absolutely stay away from ECO by Cosentino until you see a significant number of good reviews that state they have had the countertop for 1 or 2 + years without any issues. I called the company itself and they stated it was an installation issue which I dont believe as the countertop scratches with normal use (and no – we dont cut our food directly on the countertop). I dont want anyone to go through what we have.

    • Anonymous

      i am soooo disappointed. i love you looks of this stuff. i don’t like black counters but i love the starlight and was seriously thinking of buying it. thanks so much for the heads up.

    • Gulf Coast Installer

      I am sorry to hear that you had such a bad experience with this product. I have been using this product since the beginning of the year not only in my own showroom, but in multiple customer homes and have not had any of the same issues that you had discussed. It is possible that these scratches were created by your installer team or you had a defective slab. Most installers are able to return these defective tops and replace yours at no charge using a slab that was not defective.

      • Anonymous

        I am thinking that these scratches were a result of transport or installation.  They replaced the island which had a couple of scractches when it arrived.  I have been using the rest of a rather expansive countertop and have not realized any new scratches since installation.  The company did say they thought it was a bad batch but that doesnt jive with no scratches since installation.  They are coming out to take pictures as I would rather settle out (since I am selling my house) rather than replace.  When they replaced the island, the installer was rude to my wife by remarking we must have caused the scratches even though we contacted them the next day before putting anything on them.

        Hopefully you have better installers.

        • Potential Eco Countertop buyer

          My wife & I are thinking of redoing our kitchen using Eco “Riverbed” colored countertop. We’re thinking it will be less prone to stains than a real stone top. Cosentino has upper the warranty to 10 yrs. now. (Still less than the 15 yrs. most high-end top manufacurers offer.) At his point, would you recommend that we considere Eco as a viable option?

          Thanks for your help.

          • Anonymous

            We are not happy with our countertop.  Have fading in one area and there were scratches in the countertop when it as installed.  I would definitey go with something else; we would replace, but we purchased our cabinets based on the countertop.

  • Robert

    The close up photos have been colorized. The product does not come in any shade of green. I don’t know if they did that because it is a ‘green’ product, which is stupid, but it has clearly been touched up. PHoto is from product website, but then made green. I wonder if the manufacturer knows your messed with their photo?

    • Preston

      We didn’t mess with anyone’s photos. These are direct from the PR department of Eco by Cosentino.

    • Gulfcoast installer

      Correct…this product does not come in a green color. One thing to remember with photos of any countertop…depending on lighting used and anything that may be reflecting off the surface, the shade/color variance is extremely noticeabe.

  • Suspicious

    Define “green”. Ships from Spain and what about the other 78% of the resin? You can call it what you like, but your proprietary bond is most likely a form of plastic. We need to standardize what green means.

  • Ccooney

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  • Tth

    I used the Riverbed in my kitchen remodel 2 months ago, and so far I love it. Pictures don’t do justice to the depth of color. It’s extremely hard, easy to clean, and looks sleek and clean without being at all cold. Reading some of the earlier negative comments, I guess time will tell how it holds up. But so far it’s exceeded my expectations – I’m planning on using the Terra to top the vanity in an upcoming half-bath remodel.

    • Preston

      Thanks for sharing your experience. If you want, make sure to submit your green bath remodel for publication:

    • Nancy

      I’m thinking about using the Riverbed in my kitchen. The color is so different from the normal colors that the average person would select, yet it makes my white cabinets more attractive and the natural wood look nice too. I been reading the pros/cons of this product
      and now have doubts about this product.
      What to do??

      • Glenzo

        I understand your doubts. These composite counter tops are very expensive. I ended up going with an L.G. quartz top instead. I have no regrets. It has a better warranty. It’s disconcerting that Eco doesn’t have enough confidence in their product to give a warranty as long as is standard for similar counter tops.

    • Tych86

      You have now had your countertop for 4 months. Still like it? Any problems?

  • kittykatt22

    What I want to know is, what is the resin composed of? Ive heard from numerous kitchen and bath designers that its petroleum based. Great! Another company passing off something as green when its not. I hope these rumors aren’t true.

  • Engineered Stone

    Thanks for the useful information. I’ve been looking around for technical data on this product, but unfortunately it’s not easy to find, I would like to know some specific details about its physical properties, I will send them an e-mail.

    • Tych86

      Did you ever email about the properties of the product and if you got a reply, could you share with us. Thanks.

  • Carol

    Why are the counter tops only warranted for 5 years when most if not all other materials are a life time? Thanks for your help.

    • Tych86

      Yes this bothers me too.

  • Sylvia

    We bought ours in September of last year, that would be September of 2010, we got the Luna top and have had no problems.  I came on the web here to find out if I could get a piece about 40 inches by 19 and I found this discussion.  Mine is one of the light colors and my husband and I are both very happy with it.  I try to be extra careful but realize things can happen. 

    • Maureen Matteson

      Have you had any issues with your countertops since this post?

  • cjpanda

    If you get the more solid white “polar” color would it show fading? Is there a version of this recycled material made in this country?

    • rhbuilder

      Has anyone used the Black Forest?  We are scheduled to have black forest installed on our Kitchen Island and Polar Cap installed on the rest of the cabinet tops. (remodel to replace existing laminate).  Now I am not sure if we are making a mistake going with this product.  Please send comments asap!!

      • Bettyjean2

        Yes, I had Black Forrest installed a few months ago on my kitchen counter tops and in my utility room. It is beautiful and I have not had any problems.

        • Maureen Matteson

          Do you still love them?

  • rafa78

    We just had our kitchen measure for the Terra Eco Countertop from Cosentino. Reading this now I have a lot of concerns. Anyone out there has done this recently that will like to share…

  • rafa78

    We just had our kitchen measure for the Terra Eco Countertop from Cosentino. Reading this now I have a lot of concerns. Anyone out there has done this recently that will like to share…

  • Sam

    I’m disappointed in the messages containing negative comments for this product based on a competitor’s claims. Read the manual. 94% water recycled, 75% post-consumer waste recycled, quarries used that are being restored, ect. This product is LEED silver certified, and is by far the most economical variety of its kind on the market. If you’re going to criticize it, at least get your facts straight. And no, I don’t sell this product or have a dog in this financial fight. This is just a green consumer reading the manual.

    • Preston

      Buildings are LEED certified, products are not.

    • Preston

      Buildings are LEED certified, products are not.

  • Sam

    I’m disappointed in the messages containing negative comments for this product based on a competitor’s claims. Read the manual. 94% water recycled, 75% post-consumer waste recycled, quarries used that are being restored, ect. This product is LEED silver certified, and is by far the most economical variety of its kind on the market. If you’re going to criticize it, at least get your facts straight. And no, I don’t sell this product or have a dog in this financial fight. This is just a green consumer reading the manual.

  • sonja

    I got the Starlite Counter top and I had no problems with it from the moment it was installed. Everyone that comes and sees it are amazed at how beautiful and shiny it is. All the ones complaining about scratches and such is more than likely a fault of the Warehouse and Delivery. I had to wait a few weeks more because the 1st one that got to the warehouse was not of standard so another one had to be made. My counter was worth the wait.

    • EmilyC

      Sonja, my husband and I have loved the Starlite sample that we saw in Lowes when we started our kitchen project (2 years ago!) and just recently stopped in to get a final estimate on laminate to find that the Starlite is on sale and in our price range! However, I feel that the sample is not very shiny (which I remember it being very glossy the first time we saw it). Can you tell me from your purchasing process…did you get to choose a glossy finish vs a leather finish (as Cosentino describes on their site)? And also, now that there has been some time since your first post, are you just as happy with the product? This is a big jump for us and I want to make sure we are making the right decision.


    • Valerie

      Sonja, Now that you have had your counter tops in for a while; how are they holding up? I’m thinking of purchasing from my local Home Depot and having the ECO Luna installed in my kitchen. The conflicting comments are making it impossible for me to decide.

      • Sonja gogv

        Hi. I love my countertop. It is not a high gloss finish but it does not need one because it is not pourous. When they installed it they put a coating on of their special solution which you can buy directly from them.I have had no issues and it does shine and sparkle. When I clean it I use Windex and a paper towel. I treat it like a glass countertop in where I do nit put something cold and then something hot right after. I use silicon pot holders or my wooden cutting board. preparing food you can feel safe because like I said before, it is not porous. Mine still looks like New. Now don’t drop heavy items on it or take a hammer to it but normal use does not wear it down. I am a cook and all that I do the counter holds up to it. When making bread, cookies, and pasta, I use the countertop like a pastry board. The knives do not put dings in it or a sharp item. I love my countertop and I highly recommend it. It is worth every penny. If you want a high gloss the People who put it in will inform you of where to buy what they use. I believe it was some kind of resin they use in making the counters but don’t quote me on that. If you need specific information just ask and I will answer. Have a great evening and I hope you get this countertop. It is a popular item with everyone who sees it. Sonja

      • Sonja gogv

        It was a big jump for me too but yes I am still as happy as the 1st day I got it.

  • Bonnie

    I was not surprised to read the negative comments. My ECO starlite was installed in late Feb. 2013. It came with defects such as inconsistent coloration and scratches. In the five months since installation, it has developed “faded” marks and water stains. I wipe this surface countless times each day trying to avoid water drying on it. I happened on this site while searching for information on how to clean these marks. What an eye opener. I am totally disgusted with this counter top and will be calling Home Depot and the manufacture with my complaint! Can’t wait till it is removed.

    • Sonja gogv

      The stains is water? I don’t have those problems. I also ordered mine through Lowe’s and it is the manufactoring company who installs. East something was the company out of Allentown PA.

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