Remember when we mentioned project7ten?  We were probably one of the earliest to mention the wildly popular home, so we were interested to notice that some of the same folks behind project7ten just finished another green home called 737conserve.  Located at 737 Milwood Avenue and designed by Patrick Tighe, 737conserve has the same warm and modern feel that project7ten has.  Here are some photos and a list of of its many green elements:


  • An expansive green roof;
  • On-site, solar photovoltaic array;
  • Smart home energy management system;
  • WaterSense plumbing by Kohler;
  • Non-toxic glues, solvents, and paints;
  • Energy-efficient Lennox HVAC system;
  • Energy-efficient windows;
  • UltraTouch denim insulation; and
  • A green, natural lap pool;

The Venice, California home is absolutely stunning and progressive with flourishes of green.  In a recent Huffington Post article, Tom Schey, general contractor and owner of 737conserve, asks if anyone's interested in his green home experience.  I think we are … are you?






Photo credits: 737conserve.