Zero Electricity Modern Lake House


Here's another fascinating home by ZeroEnergy Design (see previously covered Truro Residence).  It'scurrently under construction, with foundation, framing, and sheathing complete — the rest is on schedule for completion in Fall 2009.  The 2300 square foot home features three bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, and a combination yoga studio/art room for the owners.  The lakefront home features strategically placed windows that both provide a view of water and take advantage of passive solar heating and lighting.  Some of the other planned green features include:


  • A living green roof
  • Zero electricity
  • Grid-tied PV system
  • Energy recovery ventilator
  • On demand hot water
  • Whole house allergen filtration system
  • Low to No VOC interior materials

The home has been registered with the USGBC and is seeking an unspecified level of LEED certification.  It's a great looking pad with a clever mixture of both indoor and outdoor spaces for whatever the occasion.  We'll keep you posted with this Modern Lake House when it's complete. 




Rendering credits: ZeroEnergy Design.

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  • john Pelley

    Beautiful house. Where is it located?

    • Brennan

      The house is in Orleans, Mass.

  • Brennan

    Would be great to have a lake house or other that didn’t rely on the grid completely. This limits a lot of builders in areas people would love to live or have a second home. Hopefully before too long the majority of houses outside of the city are off the grid.

  • Jonas Blake

    It is amazing how much energy and effort goes into getting power to homes in remote locations. This is a great example of how houses could end up off the grid completely. I really hope they can pull this off, and then advertise the heck out of it.

  • DC

    People like to throw words around like “Zero electricity.” THIS BUILDING USES ELECTRICITY. ZED is false advertising. Maybe is it a Net-Zero electricity house over a year but I doubt it unless they have a really large PV system. And its not off grid as people have commented. It uses a grid-tied pv system, meaning it produces energy during the day, the bulk of which is unused and fed to the grid and at night it relies on fossil fuel powered plants to supply it with electricity.

    • Preston

      DC – there’s no false advertising going on here, and if anything, we’ve just been inarticulate as to the features. You know that if the phrases “zero electricity” and “grid tied” are used together, we’re talking about net zero electricity. We’re not talking about net zero energy here, because it’s likely that propane is being used somewhere for an isolated use, or probably gas for on-demand hot water. We’ll find out soon as the project progresses towards completion.

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