True Green Home Book [Giveaway]

True-green-home We're giving a copy of this book away to one lucky commenter below, so make sure to comment before midnight on Sunday, March 15, 2009.*

Just about a week ago, National Geographic released a new book called True Green Home: 100 Inspirational Ideas for Creating a Green Environment at Home.  The book features, of course, 100 green ideas, as well as 10 company case studies and a resource index with links and a glossary.  Oddly, I guess our site was good enough to get a free review copy of the book, but not quite good enough to get listed in the links section.  But that's okay, we're still riding a high from being listed in The Gort Cloud … Anyway, True Green Home packages basic green concepts in a nice way — it's particularly helpful for starters and anyone looking for inspiration. 

True Green Home is organized into ten sections: home green home, green energy, green living, eco-kitchen, bathroom basics, sleeping green, DIY green rooms, green housekeeping, a greener garden, and around the house.  So let's say you're particularly strong in the green energy area, but not so strong in the housekeeping or the gardening area, you'll likely get some helpful information. 

To get a better idea, the first section, "home green home," talks about the following ideas (the book's idea title is on the left, and my explanation is on the right). 

  • location, location = proximity to things
  • supersize (or downsize) me = what do you really need?
  • the lay of the land = using sites resourcefully
  • face up to it = understanding orientation
  • material world = eco-friendly building materials
  • insulate yourself = important to efficiency
  • green design = design should be functionally green
  • passive attack = fresh air, natural light, less systems
  • window shopping = consider placement, glazing, thermal performance
  • renovate or detonate = reuse existing structures

You get the idea.  What I like about the book is how the photos illustrate the points.  If you haven't noticed, we like photos on this site, and True Green Home does a good job of keeping you entertained.  Go grab a copy at the bookstore and check it out. 

[$] True Green Home on Amazon
[$] True Green Home on National Geographic
[$] Buy a Kindle 2.0 and request the Kindle Edition

*If you're interested in the book, drop a comment by midnight MST on Sunday, March 15, 2009.  Say where you're from if you don't know what to say.  By leaving a comment, you agree to the terms and conditions relating to book giveaways on Jetson Green.  Shipping only within U.S.

  • elaine hsieh

    Lucky me, this is what I get to find when I stay up late! 😉 I would love to give this book to one of my friends who is trying to learn the basics. Or, perhaps keep it for myself and look at the pretty pictures (and get more great green ideas)… Thanks Preston! E

  • OneToremember

    Lucky me too! I am based in the Uk and run a couple of green websites as well as blogging where I can on green issues. Looks like a nice book to add to the green collection. Maybe an ebook would be greener though!

  • Green Home

    In today’s economy, people are looking for as many new ways to save money as possible. One thing that many people don’t realize is that by implementing many of the things that environmentalists love, they can save money on their utility bills and reduce their carbon footprint.

  • Chuck

    We live in unprecedented times…our technology has begun to ruin our planet and it’s main weapon is energy consumption and resultant pollution. As a consumer we embody the greatest chance for a change to responsible sustainability. This is not just a recommendation anymore, its mandatory; and this site, along with many others are the vehicles for change. Instead of a coupon for a digital tv converter, this book should be made free and handed out to every living citizen on our planet. (disclaimer: I don’t work for the publisher, writer, government or NatGeo)

  • Duane Verner

    Looks like a great book. I can think of a few builders in my town that would benefit from reading the Passive Attack chapter alone. What will it take to get more builders on board with these simple concepts? Maybe passive attack principles could be required in building codes and planning approvals?

  • Steve S

    Color me green…and not just with envy.

  • Mark Jones

    Looks great and I’d love a copy… lots of interest here in Durango, Colorado for these kinds of ideas!

  • Eddie

    It looks like a great book that’s needed in Chicago. Send it here to be put to good use!

  • Ronnie

    This book looks like a wonderful resource for homeowners. I would love to read it and review it for my Green Living Blog, EcoNesting:

  • Brad

    Oh, Yeah!

  • Steve Fox

    I like the look of this book… we have so many clients coming to us looking for a sustainable house design, it would be good to show them how to do it properly. I like the emphasis on “true” as opposed to phoney…..!

  • Cullen Howe

    Count me in!

  • Kaleena

    I’m from Boulder and this sounds really nifty!

  • saccy

    im from brooklyn~ and count me in!

  • Bob Keighley

    Would love to add this to my growing library.


  • Sea Wolf

    I’d love to receive a copy and share it.

  • Jeff

    I currently have 41 books checked out of the public library on sustainable building. After building prefabs and writting a Biz Plan that took 5 years to complete I can say we must go green and build every building with sustainability in mind. I would love to have the book so I can finish my reseach and start building the next gen community. Here’s our Mission Statement.

    A ‘New Green Economy’ is emerging in our society and we are riding on the crest of its evolution. Those who chose to ignore the signs of the time will cease to exist as a viable concern. We represent a group of people that have long recognized the need to transform the manner in which the housing industry conducts business in every corner of its endeavors. The way we design, construct, market, employ and finance our communities must be completed in such a way that molds sustainable neighborhoods. A sustainable business model is not an option; it is necessary for the very existence of our planet. We are fully dedicated in both our personal and business endeavors to be exemplary environmental stewards of the earth and its inhabitants.

  • mbr


  • Carol

    Nice giveaway, I am trying to be as Green as possible.

  • Victoria

    Thanks sharing this book. If i don’t win, I want to buy a copy for my mom. The whole family is trying to be greener. I’m in Houston, TX and we’re gradually seeing the businesses around us shift from oil to alternative fuels, which is so exciting.

  • Benni Blanco

    I am a Green Fiend! Keep up the good work Preston!

  • Anonymous

    i would love this book, i have been trying to pick up more ideas and i think this would be great! wish me luck :)

  • Paula

    I am interested in the TRUE GREEN HOME BOOK.

    I would use this to build a home for self and family… we built one 20 years ago making lots of energy mistakes along the way (including working for unethical/uneco people and now I HAVE to have a “safe-unoutgassing” home… thanks for giving this opportunity to get the latest info and I’ll be sharing this with others in my building group. It’s a dream come true…
    Since we are just starting in the green-eco…Lay of the land, orientation,downsize what do really need, passive/ less systems, windows ånd less fumbling around with places to reference will save the day.

    I believe in community (Port Townsend WA) and will share the book with others and “greenly” donate to the library after reading to help others with the same dilemmas.

  • Linda Morgan Clark

    Thanks for the opportunity – I’m project manager for the construction of two, 6 bedroom group homes for intellectualy and/or physically disabled individuals in our community. We’re currently designing these homes and want to be as green as we possibly can within the budget of our HUD grant. LOVE to have this book at this stage in the design process as well as after we place residents in these home in 2010. We’re shooting for making these homes a model for future HUD homes.

  • Andrzej

    make eBook version, and I’m in. Maybe you could ship it with Kindle 😉

  • christina singer

    Looks like a good starting place for getting my house and family GREEN. Thanks for the giveaway

  • Marley

    While I would love to add this book to my library of reference material on green (and good) design, cultural reference, and National Geographic Magazines since 1935… I’d settle for a PDF of the book’s contents. FSC certified pulp is still pulp… spare the cellulose and send me a few bytes.

  • Kim V

    Baltimore checking in.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

    • bente

      as a college student joint majoring in environmental studies and architecture, it is heartening to see this kind of enthusiasm. with so many people with good green-building intentions, what remains to be seen is if we really can succeed in taking this desire to do good and actually succeed. books like this one undoubtedly will help educate, inform and spread the word, but these good intentions will need to turn into action for it to work!

  • John

    Book wanted in Seattle. :-)

  • Renee G

    I’d love to read this. It sounds like a good read for Eastern Washington.

  • joe cowan

    Portland Oregon here. The city is a meltin pit of social and dynamic changes occuring in the design of modern cities

  • Britt

    Building green in Salem, OR and would love to add this book to our pool of resources!

  • Vivian Deliz

    I live close to DC in a townhouse and I am trying to green my surroundings, inside and out.

  • Emily Youcha

    I am interested in green building and energy efficiency in cold climates.

  • Vladimir

    It looks like the kind of book that I will like to have in my library specially when we are engaging in a affordable green homes start-up. Our mission is to build and develop green homes that cause a light imprint in the environment and are livable for any group age. Thanks for this kind of books to get out there.

    • Preston

      Vladimir, congratulations, you’re the winner of the book. Shout out with your address and I’ll get this in the mail to you …

  • Carole

    Just in time for Saint Patrick’s Day, hmmmm? We are forty-somethings trying to ride the green wave of the 21st century in our current modest home remodel. Seems like this book would be the perfect aide to our project(s)! Hope we can bring it to Maryland!

  • Cathryn Forester

    We now live in Miami, but are moving back to our hometown of Harlan, Ky in 10 months. We hope to build on land we already own. We are searching diligently for a home that fits our lifestyle and reflects our beliefs. We also want to inject as much money into the local economy as possible with the building of this home. WE NEED IDEAS!

  • Sally Sundeen

    I think going “green” is something that is really important, and more people should take seriously. I have been trying to live as green as possible, and I know that there is still more that I can do. This book would really help me accomplish that. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  • J G

    We are starting to get ideas and make plans to rebuild our home. We have flooded twice from a Tropical Storm & Hurricane between 2002 & 2005. We would love to rebuild our home green & as eco friendly as possible.
    We are about 12 miles outside of Metro New Orleans, LA.

  • Daniel Blaylock

    I’m researching modern architectural ideas for school. This site has given me some great ideas for future business prospects in this uncultivated market.

  • Heather Reser

    I would love to add this book to my collection. Am especially interested in what they have to say about Passive Solar (passive attack), as this is one of my favorite topics in green building (and how my new home is being built).

  • Ben

    I am working on developing a sustainable buiding marketing strategy for my design firm and would love to have this book. Great web page and I must be one of last to get in under this deadline.

  • Am

    This sounds great! I’d love to read this book!

  • neva koc

    we need that (kind of) book in Serbia.. to start greenishing :)

    start thinking green

  • lori webb

    I have only came across your web site by browsing from substainable information
    I am a college student taking Interior design and would love to be able to boost my knowledge for Green by receiving this book for my library and so that I can relay to information to my fellow students

  • Edward L. Peltier

    I have been searching for a book which would help me in building a green home. Any help in gathering all the information in building a green house will be very helpful. I will check out this book in book stores and other books, so that I can build my home.

  • Susan Webster

    I have been interested in Micheles work for years. I’m working in the midwest
    with builders & educators to bring this kind of innovation here where we seem to be stuck with developers who look backwards and not forwards. getting homes like Micheles up on the huge professional Realtor networks will go a long way towards attracting more buyers andletting folks know that Green is not restricted to rich custom homes. The more visual material I can put up on the MLX + 80 other sites the faster I believe we can push the market towards the greener alternatives.

  • Amie Nestor

    I live an area that has little awareness of green living. I want to build a green home. I hope this book will guide me and impress that guidance on to others.

  • Stephanie

    100% Green is ideal.

  • Anonymous

    send me the book to help and contribete to save the planet and olso help to many people that in this moment need save money.

  • Anonymous

    It is so neat the blog is giving away books like these and there is an interest in learning about new green technologies.

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