PTI: Sub-$300 Green Office Chair?

Pardon the interruption, but I thought I would tap into the collective knowledge of readers for a little assistance. We've mentioned some awesome office chairs in the past, including the Zody and Embody, but I need some tips on a sub-$300 green task chair. My non-blogging, old school office chair went gimp a few months back with a broken leg. I kept using it because I was still getting by (and I like to really wear the hell out of stuff before replacing it), but a second leg just broke, so I need to get going on something new. I'm looking for something conservative (i.e., black or neutral) in this price range, preferably available in Salt Lake City, but I'll ship, if necessary. And I'd like it to be green, too, meaning made of recycled materials, made is a green factory, recyclable, etc.  What do you know?  Links, emails, suggestions?

  • Chris

    I gave up trying to find a good chair in the $300 range. Sure, there are plenty of chairs to be had for that price and less (though probably not many that are considered “green”), but it appears you really *do* get what you pay for when it comes to chairs. IKEA is probably your best best for the budget-priced stuff, but I’m going to buy a Zody. It’s around $700 (ouch), but that’s fully loaded, with a gel seat insert, polished aluminum base and arm supports, fully adjustable arms, forward tilt, lumbar and pelvic support options, etc. You could get a base Zody chair for significantly less. The Zody is a green chair, and as you know, a mighty comfy one at that. So my suggestion is to increase your chair budget and realize the return over the coming years of comfort. Or perhaps look for a used one? That might get you into your target price range.

    I’m getting mine through a dealer in Salt Lake.

    Regarding the IKEA chairs, I’ve read good things about the JOAKIM ($170), though it doesn’t offer the amount of adjustability I need. I did buy (and return) the MARKUS ($199). The leather seat was just too hard for comfort for me. And again, no adjustability except for up and down.

    I would have been happy to recommend a good sub-$300 chair had I actually been able to find one for myself… :(

    • Preston

      Chris, I have a feeling you’re right, and if so, I’ll probably go with another Zody — I’m certainly happy with the one we already have. But I’m throwing down the challenge because these are tough economic times, there must be a way to get something green and fiscally pragmatic (without saying to myself, well $700 isn’t that bad considering I’ll use it for 5, 10, or 15 years). Most small businesses can’t do $700 per chair from the beginning.

      • Ray

        If you’re going with Zody anyway, checkout eBay…there are 2 available for $399.

  • Brian N.

    I have never seen a truly “green” chair for under $500, most seem to be even higher than that! I saw some pretty nice chairs here, though:

    There you can sort the list of chairs by “greenness” LOL

    • Preston

      I suspect you may be right, that there is no “green” chair at a price near $300 or $400 or $500, but I wanted to verify with the audience. Thanks for the link!

      • Brian Krueger

        Hey Preston,

        Really enjoyed the Greening of Southie DVD. As far as the chair checkout Costco is now stocking two Herman Miller chairs. Online you can purchase the Caper chair for approx. $350. It is a cradle to cradle design.

        • Preston

          Brian, thanks for coming through on that. I’m actually seriously thinking about the Caper now. Wasn’t on my radar until now. Could be fun to test out.

  • Anonymous

    Green office chair and at 700 USD?

    Sounds a little PC plus rather stretching the point or maybe this is a don’t buy Chinese thing.

    I guess this is what happens when most anything can be tagged green.

  • Joe Zazzera

    I use a phisio ball similar to what they use for pilates. Cheap, not all that green but great for your back and you can roll around the office.

  • Dan

    Check out the Apollo series from Eurotech. They are GreenGuard certified and you’re going to get it for under 300 for the multifunction control. Make sure it’s the mft9450.

  • jeff

    Try eBay. I was in a similar predicament a few years back and picked up a HumanScale Freedom for $350 including shipping as opposed to $900+ retail.

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