PLACE Houses Prefab Pacific Northwest


We've mentioned tons of prefab homes, but PLACE Houses is a new one for us.  This green home is a prefab design by PLACE Houses, a company offering smart, affordable, and green prefab designs to owners in the Pacific Northwest (and soon, the rest of the country).  Of note, the 2,800 square foot home is a far cry from the 5,400 square foot design another architect proposed, reports Metropolitan Home.  And in the end, the northwest modern residence incorporated a number of sustainable features:


  • SIPs efficient construction;
  • Garage doors to open up the interior;
  • Rooftop solar panels heat the pool and radiant floors;
  • Upstairs renewable cork floors;
  • Low-VOC paints and formaldehyde-free cabinets;
  • Low-flow fixtures and dual flush toilets in bathrooms;
  • Pervious concrete driveways for water runoff;
  • Grass pavers for water runoff;
  • Butterfly roof to easily capture rainwater in barrel;

Readers of the Metropolitan Home article really liked the green couch; the Ligne Roset Togo piece just pops in the living room.  I personally like the Emeco chairs with custom fabrics that hold up the custom, movable kitchen table.  And the garage door in the dining area — really a poor man's NanaWall — leaves an indelible impression on observers.  How could you not like a home such as this?


Axor-shower Bedroom

Kitchen-emeco Japanese-wheel

Photo credits: Erik Johnson for Metropolitan Home.

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  • Portland Real Estate

    oooooo, where can I get one of those. I need to win the powerball or something to get the perfect house.

  • Brennan

    Some of the green friendly homes are pretty ugly looking but this house is one of the best I have seen so far. Great looking house and it is different looking than your average home. I couldn’t see this house staying on the market for long if it were for sale even in this market.

  • SF

    One thought I can’t get past with either NanaWall or the garage door is “Aren’t there any bugs there?”. Living in Vermont, I could see being able to open these doors for maybe one week out of the entire year when the outside temperature was warm enough but the insects had not yet reappeared.

  • Raven Sati

    Wow – everything but the puke green …

  • Kitchens

    I think green is your favorite color. A combination of green and white color is rally interesting and fascinates. I like the most green sofas.

  • Kritikalmass3

    thing would be falling to pieces within 5 years

  • beautiful houses

    Beautiful house, but why the road does not reach the garage door on the first photo?

    • Marcus Irwin

      They’re “green” (pervious) pavers you can drive on. If you look at the close-up, it’s grass growing through bricks with holes. They absorb rainwater so it doesn’t add as much runoff to the lakes and streams and cause hypertrophication from pollutants which leads to blooming phytoplankton which causes hypoxia that suffocates the baby salmonids and you end up paying $16.99/lb for crappy farmed salmon because there is only enough awesome wild salmon left to feed the rich folk on Mercer Island. That’s why the road doesn’t reach the garage door. Of course there’s also pervious concrete that works just as well.

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