Metheny Modular Green Wedge House


This is the Wedge House or Metheny Residence, which was designed by Studio B and built by BuildSense.  You wouldn't know it just by looking, but the home gets its prominent wedge roof by resting on top of three, factory-built modules — naturally, one module on one side and two on the other.  The 1,829 square foot house was designed with an efficient envelope using 2×6 wall framing and high performance doors and windows.  But before even getting to that, the architect made sure to properly orient the place and provide shade with friendly overhangs. 


Corrugated metal Galvalume wraps a large portion of the exterior, but you may also see touches of Polygal and Cypress.  Rapidly renewable materials were used inside, and the combination of everything now results in an open, well-lit, modern home for a family in Durham, North Carolina. 

[+] Modern Goes Modular by News & Observer





Photo credits: Studio B Architecture.

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  • Portland Real Estate

    Completely gorgeous! I want one. Where do you find all of these?

    • Preston

      I’ve got eyes and ears everywhere, and when I don’t see or hear, there’s usually a friend close by to give me a good tip. In this case, the News & Observer let me know.

  • Brian N.

    Very Cool! So much can be done with a simple shape like that….

  • Free XBox Live

    Nice! That is a great green design that is very eco friendly. It looks great inside and outside!

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