Simple Post and Beam Prefab: Live Edge


It's fascinating to see the many and various forms created by prefab construction.  In this case, Live Edge and Paul Discoe are using a Japanese post and beam system of construction (see bottom two images) to create somewhat traditional (but clean) and warm prefab homes.  These homes are absolutely beautiful and built using reclaimed urban trees, which are removed for disease, storm damage, danger of falling, or construction clearing, etc.  The home pictured above is Live Edge's one-bedroom prototype, and the one immediately below is a two-bedroom home. 


In addition to using the most sustainable materials as possible, Live Edge prefabs have been designed with classic sustainable design features, such as overhangs, optimal window placement, and natural ventilation. 

The Live Edge prefab kit comprises posts, beams, floor panels, wall panels, doors, and roof and ceiling components.  The parts are produced in the company's California shop, adapted to the design, and assembled on site.  Live Edge says the kit enables them to provide an affordable and flexible home to suit your needs.  This is certainly a prefab company to watch …







Photo credits: Live Edge

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  • Portland Real Estate

    Beautiful home. I love the idea of reclaiming wood from the city. You can get the log cabin feel without the log cabin guilt of killing so many trees.

  • Ben

    But is using diseased urban trees the moral and aesthetic equivalent of a vegetarian dining on roadkill?

    I kid.

    Mostly I wanted to comment to thank Preston for prominent and proper use of the verb “to comprise.” Spread the word!

  • Norbert Von Hoffmann

    This is prefab at its purest and this company is on to the answer of the living experience within a modest mans means and simple pleasures , As in a modest simple man as myself -Only insulating spray or sips for my cold Canadian corner could this experience be already done and or added for the clime or is that something that we as in I and who may be must perform ourselves like the electric and plumbing or predone for it is something that so many more should be trying to capitalize on or at least try !
    I must say that this is definetly where the past meets the future in all of its simplicity these homes outshine any competition now if only the price were as modest as most of us then this would be the answer ?

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