Greenscreen Modular Trellis Panels


Greenscreen is not a new product, but the modular trellis panels are versatile enough to, in my estimation, inspire someone to put them to new use.  Or use them to create something unique or innovative. 

The elements of the system are simple, with just the planter, panels, and the plants — if you have the time to wait for the design to grow in, you can create a pretty unique looking living wall, fence, column, curve, or practically any other shape. 

Panels are made with 14 gauge galvanized steel and are available in ~ six colors. 


Greenscreen sells the panels, and purchasers can then use their own contractor or landscape professional to do the installation (or do it themselves).  The company estimates that the average cost will be in the ballpark of $12 – $20 per square foot for materials and labor. 

Greenscreen-pillar Greenscreen-parts


[+] Learn more about using Greenscreen for your Project.

Photo credits: Greenscreen.

  • Andrew

    This is a great product that we first learned about at Greenbuild two years ago and, ever since, have been trying to work into a project. Does anyone have any experiences using this as a privacy enhancement tool in an urban environment they can share?

  • parthenocissus henryana

    Awesome, awesome, awesome! Thanks for highlighting this product.

    Vines are the millenia-old green technology that has been hiding in plain sight from modern designers. The virtues of vines over heavy, have-to-be-engineered, high-maintenance green roofs and walls are huge. Just think about not needing to irrigate above the ground level.

    Have started a “Vine Technology” Flickr group. Invite all who admire and want to help propagate this technology to add pictures and notes to this group. Lots of people are figuring this out on their own and lovely examples are popping up all over. Pictures of the many beautiful old vines out there on buildings are welcome, too.

    Once upon a time, it was considered necessary to “clothe” a masonry building with vines. We need to bring this “old way” back!!

  • Mukta

    want to know the distributors of green screen in india

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