March-Dwell April-MetHome

If you're the kind of reader that still likes the tactile feel of a good book or magazine, you might as well go give a couple magazines a quick look.  The March 2009 issue of Dwell focuses on the theme "Smarter, Greener, More Daring," while the April 2009 issue of Metropolitan Home looks at Green Renovations and the Greenest Little House in America.  There's plenty of high-quality reading material packed into both … well worth the combined cost of $10.98, if you buy them together. 

Metropolitan Home April 2009
This issue has some good homes, including a Seattle prefab that we'll mention later.  They also take a deeper look at David and Sara Gottfried's LEED Platinum renovation, a green craftsman home that we mentioned previously.  But don't miss a couple's green Dallas home, or the Marin County ranch house.

Dwell March 2009
We're already well into the April issue of Dwell, so I'm not sure how long this will be on the shelf, but if you're not already a subscriber, make sure to give it a read.  For this issue, Dwell goes to New Zealand and Australia to take the pulse of southern hemisphere architecture, taking note of their seasoned emphasis on water conservation.  There's an interesting perspective of this beautiful off-the-grid holiday home and also of this bad out lakeside retreat

Enjoy …