Earl's Montesilo House on the River


This smart home is not overtly green — there's no certification or anything like that, but the home has received recognition for it's unique design.  Located in Woodland, Utah, next to the Provo River, Earl's Montesilo House was built with a south orientation to capture solar heat gain during the winter.  During the summer, the second floor balcony acts as a sort of overhand to shade the interior.  The 1800 sf home comprises two, linked, corrugated silos, and features what Gigaplex Architects call "bed-in-a-box;" the box has stereo sound and a flat screen monitor.  I imagine it's peaceful living on the river like this …

[+] Tour Montesilo on Youtube.







Photo credits: Montesilo.

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  • http://www.montesilo.blogspot.com/ Mr Earl

    Here is a link to the owner’s blog.

    Montesilo is in the process of getting it’s Green certification. The exterior metal and rubber floor are both made from recycled material. The round design is inherently efficient. The house is almost completely solar heated and is pre-wired for solar power which is one of future additions.

    • http://www.jetsongreen.com Preston

      Earl, beautiful home, I bet you really enjoy it.

      Hey, in regards to green certification, have you chosen which one to go under? LEED, Energy Star, Build Green Utah, etc?

      Thanks for dropping by …

      • http://www.montesilo.blogspot.com/ Mr Earl

        Thank You. I am hoping to qualify under the new “post construction” LEED program. Although I am a big supporter of Green Build Utah and hope to get their certification also. In addition to the green design I have automated the house to minimize energy use. Lights turn off when you exit rooms, curtains open and close with the sun to retain maximum solar gain, vents open at preset temperatures to vent in the summer, low energy appliances run automatically during the night, etc. All functions can be remotely controlled via the web and or phone. Energy use is below planned levels and is falling as I develop new practices. But really it is all about the fishing.

  • http://www.spheretrending.blogspot.com Sphere Trending Mandi Mankvitz

    Lovely, it reminds me of growing up in the farmland of Illinois. But it looks a whole lot more comfortable than the silos we used to play in as kids! Great design!

  • Brian N.

    What a great idea for a home! I love the flooring and the “bed in a box”. I wonder if the use of the Ag silos saved the owners any money? I realize this is still a custom designed home, so that may be a silly question….

  • http://mportlandrealestate.com Portland Real Estate

    Wow. Cool design, I have never seen anything like it.

  • Anonymous

    Is it just me or does the last picture look a robots head?
    Great design and ideas.

  • Anonymous

    no comment that is negilible on the draw the only requirment is the floor plan of the building

  • Jon
  • Anonymous

    a thought, Mr Earl, what if you became LEED certified, then you could certify your silo??

    People think i am nuts when I say i want to make and live in a silo. ┬áThen I show them you Montesilo, they can’t believe it.

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