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It looks like Group 41 has been hard at work on a few designs for a multifamily project in Salt Lake County built entirely from containers.  Below you’ll see both proposals, the Curve Scheme and the Red Container Scheme, but the general idea is to create about 200 units of market-rate housing along the rail transportation corridor.  Group 41’s Container Nation developed the two proposals to take advantage of different approaches to the stacking and build out of the containers.  In all, probably 1000 containers would be used — but this is preliminary conceptual phase with preliminary local planning approvals expected in mid-2009 or so …

Joel Karr, principal of Group 41, Inc., describes this proposal as follows: “This one employs a stacking strategy for the containers that is much simpler, and less costly, because the containers are stacked as they are designed to be on board ship.  The design interest comes from the stacks being staggered at different locations to create a rhythm of open and closed spaces with ‘flying bridges’ that provide light and air into the interior of the corridors.  The basic arrangement is around an open, raised ‘court’ sitting on top of the commercial space and parking ‘deck.’




Design Proposal B: CURVE SCHEME
Karr describes this proposal as follows: “This one uses a much more complex stacking arrangement that would be quite a bit more costly because individual stacks of containers are staggered **within** the stack, so additional structural support steel would have to be fabricated.  However, it results in a much more exciting architectural form.  It also allows a much more flexible arrangement of the containers, even in the form of a ‘curve,’ where an open balcony corridor and outdoor spaces create curved expressions on the exterior.  The entire building also curves away from the neighboring parcel opening up a large garden terrace on the west side of the building.”




Rendering credits: Group 41.

  • Portland Real Estate

    I love green communities like this, and the idea of using old shipping containers is pretty smart as they will last for years and they will hold up in any weather.

  • Andrew Stone

    I definitely prefer the curve. This is very cool stuff!

    • Mike M

      I would need to get an idea of the interior space before deciding between the two schemes. But I do like the interior courtyard created by the Red scheme.

      Does anyone know the average cost/sq. foot of these container designs? Are they substantially more affordable than a traditional building?

      • Craig

        Put it like this. Shipping containers cost around 2-3k each. The fitout can range as in any architectural project. It could be $100/sqft or $350/sqft. it would most likely be around $150/sqft.


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I love this Idea! There is a container city in west London,Uk aswell. From where I got my insperation. I’m living in Sweden and I want to build container homes here…How much $ is a let’s say 40 foot Container??

  • Anonymous

    I’m in my third year studying Building at ABU zaria Nigeria, I’ve always been facinated about container buildings, but unfortunately stuff like that aren’t bieng tought in my school. I was just wodering, how could the level of insulation be increased in a container building? Typical question for a guy living in

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