Recently, we mentioned reclaimed cardboard art, the kind of stuff that's perfect for your green boardroom, but here's another neat idea, this time from Studio Crank.  It's also a comically ironic idea: a waste paper basket made of 100% recycled cardboard.  It's called the "Chuck" Waste Paper Basket based on the notion that tons of reusable materials are typically chucked into landfills. 

In response to this problem, the team at Studio Crank decided to use sustainable, reclaimed, recycled, and up-cycled materials to create cool, unique, modern, and functional objects that make people think about the life-cycle of products and the waste we create on a day-to-day basis.  The Chucks are printed with low VOC based inks and are totally recyclable.

You can view a few of the Chuck designs below while Studio Crank's website shows about seven total designs.  You can custom design a Chuck, which would be a great idea for a company looking to green their offices or for the in-house recycling program.  The company also sponsors a design contest four times a year and the winner gets their design printed on a limited edition Chuck.  Lastly, which I think is a great idea, Studio Crank is looking at partnering with non-profit organizations and charities to create limited edition Chucks to benefit these groups. 


Botanical_brown Baroque

Bicycle Cityscape

Image credits: Chuck.