Biomimicry Inspired Cactus Building


Just last week, DesignBoom brought us news of this cactus-inspired design for the Minister of Municipal Affairs & Agriculture building in Doha, Qatar.  It's a fascinating example of biomimicry — the skin of one of the hardiest plants of the desert is applied to the design of the facade of a desert building — with hundreds of smart shades that open and close depending on the strength of the sun.  


The energy-efficient structure was designed by Aesthetics architects GO Group, and the big cactus (not to be confused with that other towering figure currently living in Phoenix) also features an ancillary botanic dome, which is supposed to further its green rating.  We're interested in seeing how this design scheme progresses, so we'll keep you posted. 





Rendering credits: Aesthetics architects GO Group

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  • Portland Real Estate

    Wow. Pretty cool looking. The biomimicry is coming along very quickly.

  • Jonas Blake

    Are those shades on the outside of the building automatically adjusted based on the sunlight angle, etc? That would be pretty cool.
    Beautiful building.

  • Brennan

    Great looking building and something different. Qatar and Dubai seem to like that same style of building as they have used variations of it everywhere.

  • Chroma

    Good idea of Doha to make something that is receiving a lot international attention. Dubai has been very aggressive with projects, so it is the right strategy of Doha even though they may not reach Dubai’s popularity.

  • Anonymous

    i like this concept.. and i like thedesign of this building.. its very unique and good.. thanks for this inspiration.. – erl john form Philippines.. i thanks .. ^^ god bless good luck….

  • Mr Lee

    What would be really great is if they made the shutters from Solar panel material to catch the energy of the suns rays, then I would be impressed.

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