View Box Modern Green House Plan


This is the View Box green home plan by FreeGreen, a company we mentioned earlier with a similar house plan called the Smart Box.  Since we mentioned the Smart Box in May 2008, FreeGreen has been tearing it up with new green plans of all sorts of styles.  But not only are they expanding their selection of in-house plans, they’re also on Twitter and Allison Arieff gave them a NY Times shout out about a week ago.  Things are going well …


I like the View Box plan, personally.  It comes in a few different versions ranging from 1397 to 1575 square feet, and two bedrooms/one bathroom to two bedrooms/two bathrooms.  FreeGreen provides interior and exterior renderings, floor plans, energy features, and energy performance information based on computer simulations.  Download the plan, order prints for $40, get customization services, or see how much the home is estimated to cost to construct.

It has been commonly held that you get what you pay for, and that, generally speaking, price is correlated with quality.  But FreeGreen is kind of testing these ideas — they certainly get you started with a lot of information; however, every site is different and every location has different rules.  Local or custom help on the front end might save some money later on.

Of note, FreeGreen has just launched an open source area on their website for architects to sell their home plans for whatever cost they choose.  There’s a healthy market for green home plans growing over there, and if you’re on the hunt for something like this, I’d keep your eye on it.



Rendering credits: FreeGreen.

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  • metrohippie


    thanks for this link… I’m salivating over the Smart Box plan. Very compact, efficient, lots of daylight. In a non-dirtball kind of way, it got me inspired to spruce up a mobile home into something similar!


    • Preston

      If I didn’t have to drive to work, I’d love to live in a house on a hill like this. Tightly planned with good looks, I agree, this is a nice looking house plan.

  • Lexine

    would be very interested in plans 1000 plus.

  • Anonymous

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  • JudyChartrand

    I love this desgin as well. i suppose you have to buy plans for these units. Does anyone sell them prebuilt? And what would be the cost of a model like the one above?

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