We’re always happy to receive green books in the mail, but what surprised us the most about The Gort Cloud was the fact that we’re in it.  Jetson Green is, apparently, a “trendspotter” in The Gort Cloud.  And after looking at it more closely, I’m guessing several of our readers and their companies have been named in it, too.  What is it?  The Gort Cloud is “the invisible force powering today’s most visible green brands” where “millions of people [connect] to green information through a vast, interconnected community.

The community is made up of NGOs, retailers, social networks, trendspotters, blogs, magazines, foundations, government agencies, media programming, special interest authorities, news outlets, certifiying organizations, alliances, etc.  When you actually look at it, it’s huge!

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To be clear, this book has a specific focus.  The author, Richard Seireeni (with Scott Fields), tells us it’s written for those that are interested in learning how others have built green brands and how they’ve developed a following.

Some of the green brands mentioned in the book include Michelle Kaufmann Designs, Green Key Real Estate, YOLO Colorhouse, Tesla Motors, Earth Friendly Moving, ShoreBank Pacific, Southwest Windpower, Interface Inc., and tons others.  They’re all major innovators in their respective industries — they’ve all been able to gain the trust of various influencers within The Gort Cloud.

The Gort Cloud is distinctly readable and the pages turn almost without knowing it.  If you’re a fledgling company, or even a company that’s trying to do something about your future, I highly recommend it.

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