Taliesin Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture graduate and undergraduate students have been blogging on PrairieMod about their project to build a small modern home on the grounds of Taliesin West.  Now, the Mod.Fab is complete, and it’s a compelling demonstration of passive and active environmental control systems, water catchment, top-tier insulation, a gray water system, native landscaping, and a solar power system.


The students, with help of Jennifer Siegal of OMD and others, designed a simple but elegant home with sustainability in mind.  At first, they were going to prefabricate the structure, but later decided to go instead with on-site, panelized construction using SIPs for the walls, roof, and floor.

Mod.Fab, as you can tell from the sponsor list, has all sorts of amenities, including Cree LED lighting, Caesarstone counters, and IKEA cabinets, etc.  The 600 square foot, one-bedroom prototype was designed and engineered to be transportable by roadway, so maybe someone down the road will get the opportunity to purchase it.  We’ll keep you posted.




Photo credits and Copyright: Bill Timmerman 2009.