With an idea like this, you're going to win some prizes.  Morris Architects took home first prize, as well as $10,000, in the second annual Radical Innovation in Hospitality Awards, which was sponsored by the John Hardy Group and Hospitality Design magazine.  Some of the other entries were also unique, but this Oil Rig Hotel and Spa is particularly innovative.  To understand the innovation behind the adaptive reuse, a background understanding of oil rigs is necessary. 


According to Morris Architects, the Gulf of Mexico has about 4,000 oil rigs of various sizes that will be decomissioned at some point in the next century.  One primary method of rig removal, when the time comes, is explosion — an expensive method that poses hazardous consequences to aquatic life.  So you can see, there's an opportunity to use existing oil rig structures in a new way. 

The Houston office of Morris Architects conceived this plan for a high-end, self-sufficient, eco-friendly hotel experience.  Vertical axis wind turbines would harvest plentiful Gulf of Mexico winds, and wave energy generators could be installed to further power Rig Hotel's activities.  The concept plan includes some of the following amenities:

  • 300+ guest and luxury suites
  • Conference facility and ballroom for events
  • Fitness center and spa
  • High end dining, shopping, and entertainment
  • Rooftop infinity pool
  • Pro shop and launch for water-based activities
  • Gaming casino and stargazer lounge
  • Dive bell and scuba training
  • Boat launch and boat slips for visitors

Rooms are designed as prefabricated, standard cargo containers that perfectly fit the rig platform.  They're transported out to the rig and unfolded to size.  With the rooms on the exterior of the platform, guests would have practically unparalleled views of the ocean.  Pretty clever, don't you think?!






First noticed at Bustler; rendering credits: Morris Architects.