Ultra Modern Green Maryfield Home

Maryfield House

Pardon the amateur photography in this article, but hopefully you can see how beautiful this newly built home is — it could become the first LEED certified home in Utah!  The Maryfield Home was designed by John Sparano and Anne Mooney of Sparano + Mooney Architecture, also the owners, and they're eagerly working towards certification.  I first found out about it from Benchmark Modern, a local contractor specializing in modern green construction, and they were able to arrange a tour.  Check it out:


Maryfield has several and various green features, including concrete radiant floors, Energy Star dimmable CFLs, SolaTubes, recycled steel framing, low-VOC paint, R30 walls, R50 roofing, a high efficiency boiler and HVAC, and a tight footprint.  The home has 2,600 square feet of living and unparalleled views, as you can see, of the mountainous outdoors. 


Located just a short jaunt up Emigration Canyon, the first thing you'll notice about Maryfield is the unique and captivating exterior cladding — it's like a dragon or something — 22 gauge, A606 weathering steel in a 12 x 12 inch, interlocking diamond configuration with concealed fasteners.  Right now, the home kind of blends in with the snow, but as it ages, Maryfield won't be missed.  Here's a closeup.  


The weathered steel theme carries over inside with this centerpiece.  Notice below that the piece doubles as storage and conceals a flat screen. 



This is the view from inside — this side of the home is all glass.  The surrounding landscape was left undisturbed.  You can slide these doors all the way back and really open up the inside to the out.   



Of course, dual flush toilets are standard, but check out the yellow paneling.  You can't tell from this image, but the panels cover tubular fluorescent lights.  When turned on, it's pretty fun feeling.


Kohler Purist Wading Pool in action, vanity style.  I really like the look.  The entire master bathroom has a spa feel. 




Don't forget the high efficiency boiler and HVAC setup.  Maryfield obtained a Five Plus Energy Star rating, 69 HERS rating, and a .16 blower door.  At some point in the future, the owners may install on-site solar to drive these efficiency measures towards net zero energy. 


[+] Maryfield House Flickr Gallery by jetsongreen.

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  • http://www.ecozebra.com Andrew Stone

    WOW! Beautiful! Are they putting this up for sale? I have someone who may be interested.

    • http://www.jetsongreen.com Preston

      Can’t speak for the owners, but they were moving in last week. Here’s their contact form, though.

  • brent jespersen

    garth and sparano mooney rule. utah modernism lives!

  • Scott Hinton

    Congratulations John and Anne. You pulled off an amazing project. The bar has definitely been risen in the Salt Lake area.

  • zenswell

    This house is very nicely done. The only problem I see is siting. On a northern aspect with most of the windows facing north is not the most energy efficient. So in terms of lot selection this couple could have done better. In terms of what they did with what they had to work with……..outstanding job.

  • 400sf_orLess

    Having lived in Utah and being a huge fan, I think it is too bad that rainwater (and snow!) collection for your sinks, toilets and so on is illegal in Utah. I could see it in California, drought-central, but I never understood why Utah would want people to NOT clean the water before it returns to the earth. All that pristine land, the potential to go off-grid is just snatched away from you. Maybe someone here knows why?

    Kudos to the firm: I think I am in love. Also? I sure wish we had radiant heating in the floors back when I lived out in the desert!

  • Dude

    Wow! The house is very nice, however, the interiors are not very good as usual. They’ve only taken small pics of specific details and not the overall interiors. This is what Architects, both famous and not, do to put the focus on the exterior which is the only part of the house they think about.

    • http://www.jetsongreen.com Preston


      One thing to remember, which I didn’t say in the article, is the owners are in the process of moving in. They haven’t decorated. Plus, the photos are ours. After the place has been decorated, the owners will get professional photos.

  • http://www.spheretrending.blogspot.com SphereTrending

    Love the weathered steel! Great for exterior applications as well as interior decor and design. Though, Utah is looking just about as snowy as Michigan, so I don’t think this will be my winter home… :) How about some weathered steel in say… Jamaica? Oh, wait, that’s steel drums. Nevermind!

  • http://grassrootsmodern.com creede

    I was just up there looking at it last week. It looks amazing.

  • Brian N.

    Very cool house! I absolutely love the exterior cladding. And at 2600 sf it’s not overly big like so many of the new homes out there.

  • The Mush

    Is it Sparano or Soprano – I think Henry Hill lives in Utah somewhere, no??? Beautiful project, there other projects are excellent as well….makes me want to visit Utah

  • http://www.ninestoriesfurniture.com andrew

    i also like this project, though there doesn’t seem to be any shortage of praise for it, but im wondering what is happening up on the roof. I checked the flickr gallery for additional images, but couldn’t find anything. I imagine for such an energy efficient/green project there is a grass roof, a garden, or solar collectors (or room designated for them) up there.

  • Larry


    The roof contains a labyrinth with a mythical beast, as well as the worlds largest gerbil shooter.


  • Doug

    HERS score of 69! Sorry but that’s hardly pushing the envelope. Tract builders here in Colorado reach the same score, admittedly in slightly bigger houses, but I think the owners/designers were going for looks more than efficiency. We should be dooing much better than that.

    • G

      You probably don’t see too many walls of glass in your oversized Colorado Tract homes! Great care was taken to achieve such a stunning feature. It’s obvious to me both looks and energy efficiency were equally important! A 5 star plus rating is only the tip of the melting iceberg for this home. You have to look at the project as a whole before you judge!

  • Tara

    I think that is an amazing house, both the contractor and
    the homeowners created a beautiful modern home.
    They should both be very proud.

  • http://www.ka6tata.com VESELA MARKOVA

    Would you mind if I ask for a permision to publish this house in MORE ABOUT THE HOUSE magazine, issued in Bulgaria. I am an editor in Chief of it and my name is Vesela Markova. I will be trully grateful if you agree. This month (March) issue is coverin profoundly the green building and energy efficient houses. The Maryfield house is a wonderful example of such house and I am convinced it will have a great impact on our readers. Please let me know about your opinion.

    Kind regards

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  • http://choosehottubsdirect.com Libby | outdoor kitchen

    This is an amazing home. I’ll have to go by when I’m back home to visit. Great job!

  • http://www.everblueenergy.com/leed-certification.html Shannon | leed certified

    This is an eye catching leed certified home. I love the 22 gauge, A606 weathering steel in a 12 x 12 inch, interlocking diamond configuration with concealed fasteners exterior. Not only does it look incredible but I’m sure it’s long lasting and low maintenance. Speaking of maintenance. How does one replace or repair the concrete radiant flooring?

  • Forest Sickles

    I guess I am the only person that feels that this is a slap in the face of most beautiful mountains in the US. I lived in utah and it is not a hard thing to do to design a energy effiecient box that ignores all sense of balance between commodity, firmness, and delight. True talent is when you design to compliment your surroundings not detract from it.

    • James

      You are not the only person that feels that way. I own property in the same subdivision, and have for 16 years. I have spent the last two and a half years designing the home that we were going to start this Spring. We are now having second thoughts. This home is truly the “BEAST” and not the “BEAUTY” as you enter the area. Aside from the possible LEED certification and GREEN aspects of the home, It would be a great movie set for “Waterworld II”. Just add water. Sorry!

  • http://parkcity.tv Ori


    Video tour of the house for PCTV’s Eye on Design

  • Samuel Grossman

    This is an amazingly beautiful, subtle and site sensitive house for this canyon. I checked it out last week and the color of the material is stunning-can’t wait to see it in the fall. It looks like the owners have moved in–would love to have a tour. It’s nice to finally have some great residential architecture in Utah!!

  • Ydorian

    whats the cost to build something like this?

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