We've seen some interesting living walls and green roofs, but this goes beyond these applications and into the realm of being a complete living house.  Referred to as the Lost in Paris House, the structure took five years to complete and was designed by R&Sie architects.  The unique living envelope comprises 1200 ferns (or Dryopteris filix-mas) in a hydroponic system – the plants are not sustained by soil but by a chemical mixture of bacteria, nutrients, and rainwater. 

Blownglass-beakers Lostinparis-beakers

Beneath the living skin is a 1400 square foot (130 square meter) home made of concrete and covered in a thin plastic shell and polyurethane coat for insulation.  

Roughly 300 glass beaker “blowing” components, which were made with commonly used glass blowing techniques, feed this liquid mixture to the plants, drop by drop, keeping the house verdant throughout the year.  When the owners moved in, they received what you might call Operating Instructions to keep the house living.  

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Photo credits: R&Sie.