Housefish Flatpack Green Storage


Housefish Design, a firm specializing in furniture design, has produced a line of eco-friendly, modular storage furniture — you can buy individual pieces and stack them practically anyway you like.  Why is it green?  Well, the furniture is flat-packed for shipping (you only need a hammer to assemble), the wood is sustainably harvested FSC maple plywood, and the pieces are finished with a zero-VOC finish.  Sounds good!

The pieces might not be considered high design, but they are fun and useful.  They are available with doors in a variety of colors that work well for mix-and-matching.  It is clear that they are well-built and sturdy. 

Units are priced between $400-$600, and can be used as bookcases, a tv stand, console or maybe even a coffee table.  The great thing is, you can change their use whenever you want, or need, to.  Certainly makes fitting your furniture to a new apartment or home a little bit easier.  Visit Housefish Design's site for more information on construction and purchasing. 





Photo credits: Housefish Design Engineering.

  • South 75 Storage

    The given examples above are insipiring! They make storage solutions easy at the same time eco-friendly. I do hope that more people decide on maximizing their living or work places to have a wider room for movement. There are things that might not be of use as of this time but we do not have to throw thwm away, we can simply keep them organized or stored for future use.

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