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Ecolect, a website that helps designers, architects, and builders discover eco-friendly material alternatives, has launched an interesting service called GreenBox.  GreenBox is an annual subscription of green material samples that's shipped right to your door every three months.  Each GreenBox delivery includes 8-12 material samples, material information, sustainability specs, performance overview, cost profiles, and distributor information.  And it's all neatly designed to hang on the wall or cubicle or any other place you have in mind. 

Ecolect has determined to include innovative environmental solutions in each delivery, so a year's worth of GreenBox inspiration could be quiet the jarring experience, I imagine.  Choose one of five flavors: architecture & interiors, product design, fashion & textiles, graphic design & packaging, or sampler (three from each other flavor). 

[+] Annual Subscriptions Start @ $849.95 + $30 shipping.

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Photo credits: Jeannie Choe; noticed at Design Green.