This is the Cowboy by Form & Forest, a company planning to launch on February 19th with a full set of flat pack prefab cabins.  One of their first designs is the Cowboy — it's perfectly small at 635 square feet and comes with a kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom, bathroom, laundry, and covered porch.  With designs commissioned from D'Arcy Jones Design, Form & Forest plans to launch other cabins in various sizes up to about 1559 square feet.  The cabins are shipped flat as pre-assembled panels, and Form & Forest anticipates this will save time and waste in the construction process. 

We're curious to learn about the cost of these cabins, as well as whether green materials will be used in their construction.  As other models are unveiled over the next few weeks, you can stay in the loop on the company's website, blog, or Twitter.



You may recall we've discussed several prefab cabin providers recently, including Green Cabin Kits, Method Homes, and Cottage in a Day.  In addition, there's a ton of other prefab companies that also provide second home services.  If you're going to build something like a cabin, you might as well go as green and light as possible, and many of these companies can help you get there.  

Rendering credits: Form & Forest.