Depending on the method of construction, green building consultant Mark LaLiberte tells us there are a few common green building mistakes to watch out for — errors he's seeing more and more as builders move forward with greener practices.  Read through this list and then tell us what you think … are you seeing any other common mistakes with green construction?

  1. Wasted Resources – use scraps where possible, save materials for other projects, or donate extras to reuse centers
  2. Poorly Selected and Installed Insulation – use blown-in or spray foam insulation products to improve energy performance and minimize air leakage (and coordinate with ventilation system)
  3. Improper Flashing and Drainage Planes for Water Management – update your know-how on flashing and drainage planes to control water and moisture
  4. Tight Homes Built Without Intentional Ventilation – install whole house ventilation systems in all homes to provide fresh, clean air in tight homes
  5. HVAC Ducts Installed in Unconditioned Space – layout and install all ductwork to run in conditioned space to improve efficiency and reduce wasted energy

For more detailed explanations of these mistakes, feel free to freshen up on how to avoid the five most common errors builders make when it comes to energy, health, and resource efficiency.  Read the full article, "Countdown to Quality" by Mark LaLiberte in EcoHome.

Photo credit: thievingjoker.