B-Line Small and Stylishly Green Prefab


This B-Line Small was designed by Hive Modular and completed within the last year.  Hive has a variety of home models in various sizes, and they can be designed with a flat or pitched roof.  As you can see here, this home features a pitched roof, which provides some passive benefits; the home maximizes southern exposure, sits lightly with a small, 1410 square-foot plan, and takes advantage of an urban infill lot.  In addition, the modern modular home has some other common green elements:

  • James Hardie fiber cement exterior cladding
  • SprayTite foam insulation throughout
  • FSC certified and locally sourced flooring
  • FSC certified wood framing
  • Rainwater collection
  • No-VOC interior paints
  • Concrete countertops
  • Use of recycled and recyclable materials
  • Energy Star appliances and mechanical equipment

You may notice two exterior colors in the photos.  The owners opted for a gray and light blue scheme, whereas Hive wanted to go with the dark chocolate or possibly something else (the brown was doctored with Photoshop).  I prefer the chocolate look, but beauty is always subjective to the beholder.   

Paul Stankey, Partner and Co-founder of Hive Modular, let us know that the home came in around $185 per square foot not counting land.  And if you consider the small size of the home (i.e., larger homes lower the price psf), this number is quite conservative in the custom-design modern home market. 



Masterbedroom Masterbath



Photo credits: Hive Modular B-Line Small 002

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  • journey_mn

    Wow. Impressive design.

  • jonathan

    I want

  • nate

    And really nice guys as well…

  • vesey

    in addition to being ugly inside with a price of $261,000 WITHOUT the land this is just another ego design that means absolutely nothing to the millions of people that can barely afford housing in this country…..try again and come up with something for real people.

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