Casa 100k Green Prefab Homes [Italy]


It looks like the 100k House idea has migrated overseas because a similar prototype just popped up in Italy last year.  Mario Cucinella Architects has conceived Casa 100k, which is a prototype home for Є100,000 that prioritizes three main elements: style, sustainability, and affordability.  It's billed as a low-cost, dream home with zero bills and zero emissions.  And as you can see from available renderings, the method of accomplishing such goals is primarily through prefabrication and passive and active design strategies. 


Flush with twirling vertical axis wind turbines (probably the qr5 variety) and a patchwork facade, Casa 100k is certainly picturesque and intriguing.  The design includes several homes clustered to benefit from roof gardens, building integrated photovoltaics, passive solar strategies, a rainwater recovery system, and sliding, removable, and bendable walls and partitions for flexible occupant use of space.  Of note, the framework is pre-designed, while the interiors can be personalized.  Each home is supposed to be a mere 1,000 square feet. 

With solar thermal and a geothermal heat pump, as well as the other already mentioned strategies, the design for Casa 100k contemplates creating more energy than is used — a feature that could prove financially beneficial to homeowners.  It's an interesting vision for living — one that could just be a reality with already existing technology and prefab construction methods.




Rendering credits: Mario Cucinella Architects.

First noticed at G Living.

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  • Chad Ludeman

    Imitation is the best form of flattery? This looks like a great project. These seem to be condos on closer look. It is exciting to see what can be accomplished on a modest budget when some creativity and economy of scale are used. I’d live there in a second.

  • nemorio Delgadillo

    how much is that set up

  • Kevin D


    It looks like you beat me by a few seconds with the flattery remark. Even though they’re Italian, they must have been watching.

    VERY difficult budget to meet in Europe, if you’re building four levels.

  • Richie

    I really like the look of this.. I wonder will they get any built.

  • Anonymous

    great job

  • Joel

    Very nice stuff here.

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