New Post-Consumer Recycled Glass Mosaic Tile Just Like Wallpaper


Trend USA just launched an interesting new glass tile collection that I'm sure will be a favorite among the design savvy. The Wallpaper Collection* is available in 64 patterns; our ecologically inclined readers will notice that 26 patterns are the FEEL recycled glass mosaic, which is made from 80% post-consumer recycled glass bottles. The entire collection is broken up into four themes, Academic, Euphoric, Natural, and Classic – depending on your style, there's certain to be a pattern that's right for your project.


The Wallpaper Collection provides tile patterns at a starting price of $23 per square foot and is available at tile retailers throughout the U.S. and Canada. Tiles are either 3/4” or 5/8” square and assembled in modules allowing designers the ability to repeat the pattern without interruption. Plus, since the tiles are so small, modules just gloss over both curved and flat surfaces with ease.

You may recall that we've mentioned a few other Trend USA products in the past, including the Liberty Collection and Trend Q, which are both worth reconsidering.

*Recycled content tiles have a leaf next to the pattern. 



Photo credits: Trend USA.

  • Andrew Stone

    WOW! Beautiful stuff!

    • JoAnn for Trend USA

      Thank you Andrew!

  • jonathan

    I like it, but starting at $23 a sq ft. Its quite pricey

    • JoAnn for Trend USA

      FEEL recycled tile also comes in 12 solid colors for $10 a sq. ft. However like most dramatic, colorful or interesting materials, a little can go a long way. A FEEL patterned backsplash, headboard or small bathroom floor, can create quite an impression………

  • rebeccaAM

    These are absolutely stunning. I agree with less is more point… these designs are quite powerful and would make an impact used in small doses.

  • mosaic tiles

    That black sofa and glass coffee table work really well together.



  • Anonymous

    Im a mosaic artist using tile reclaimed…I just dicovered google images today and its blown a hole in my view of how to do more and get commissions. i like your work.thanks

  • Anonymous

    Very nice.
    Have you seen this:
    What is your opinion?

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