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If you know us, you know we like to introduce cutting edge projects, even in the rendering stage.  But we also like to follow up on completion, too, and there's nothing better than seeing a finished project.  Take for instance this 1940s Cape Cod home in St. Paul that was converted into a modern, green home.  We mentioned it back in April of last year and now look at it.  It's ultra stylish and so green!  EcoDEEP is using the home as their offices, too, so potential clients get to see and experience first-hand what a green home feels like.  


Upperroof Lowroof

EcoDEEP Haus demonstrates the real renovation possibilities of millions of homes across the nation.  It's rocking a lush, 800 sf green roof by LiveRoof that was installed at a cost of ~$12.00 psf (self-installation).  The roof also features, apparently, five solar PV panels and a couple solar thermal panels.  The owners hope to get about 1900+ kWh annually from the PV system. 

Additionally, EcoDEEP Haus is quite energy efficient, nabbing a 53 HERS Index Rating and Five Star PLUS Energy Star rating.  Those numbers put the home in solid performance territory, I would say.  The home is also ultra water efficient aiming for zero water discharge to the storm sewer system.  Rainwater is harvested in barrels, and with efficient fixtures and plumbing, the owners are saving over 40% potable compared to the baseline water use.  A fantastic green renovation all around!

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Photo credits: Gilbertson Photography.

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  • Chris

    I love this house. Clearly modern, yet with a distinctive human touch that says “Real people live here!” – a quality that many modern houses lack.

    • Preston

      I think that’s a good way to describe the style here, modern and human.

  • Justin Racinowski

    great house, glad to see theyre not afraid to use a little color. Curious about the landscaping, is this the final product, or will there be plants, shrubs, etc introduced later? Its really harsh to see just grass running up to the walls of a building, so disconnected from the landscape. Great architecture is not only contained within itself…..

  • Roxanne

    Months later, I’m going to answer Justin’s question about the landscaping… (sorry for the tardiness)
    No, you are not looking at the finished product in these photos. We totally agree that landscaping is an important part of the design. There are a couple of reasons we ended up with just grass and a couple of rain gardens to the left of the front door. Our limited budget ran out and we were left with doing the very minimum. The rain gardens were essential to dealing with the active sump pump and water runoff. We have clay soil, so it was imperitive that we stabilize the soil/minimize runoff as soon as possible- thus grass (which is a low-mow variety). We’re also following the GreenStar guidelines, which discourage planting within 10 feet of the foundation- so even our finished design will not have “foundation plantings”. The additional time living in the house has given us a better idea about how we want to use our exterior space, so although it’s been “stark” for awhile, it’s temporary. We see it as a work in progress, with more to come this summer.
    Roxanne (ecodeep haus owner)

  • Denis Gar

    best ))

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