We've been watching the prefab scene as close as anyone, and it seems the recreational variety is honestly taking hold.  This company, Cottage in a Day, provides factory-built, energy-efficient, green homes.  They currently provide roughly four models, which, not counting the included decks, range in size from 182 – 375 square feet or more.  The homes are made in Traverse City, Michigan and built with locally sourced materials (except the bamboo).  And the idea is that they can be put up quite quickly, assuming the concrete pier foundation is ready to go.



Some of the green materials used in the construction of a Cottage in a Day Home include Energy Star windows, efficient heating and cooling systems, natural wood walls and finishes, SIP construction, etc.  Perhaps, one of my favorite features, which can also be used for security, is the movable shutter doors.  They cover the windows and doors, and probably provide a bit of relief from the sun if the rays are hitting just right. 

According to the company's website, the prefab modules are built to Energy Star and LEED for Homes standards.  The home pictured here uses four modules and a connector hallway.  It's quite slick, don't you think?  I say: if you're looking for a home, getaway, cabin, guest home, artist studio, migrant housing, disaster relief housing, or the like, make sure to give Cottage in a Day a look. 




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