EcoClad Modern Green Exterior Cladding


It looks like Joel Klippert, a true Benjamin Franklin of green products innovation, has developed another great green material.  Building on his success with PaperStone and EcoTop, his company now offers EcoClad, a beautiful exterior cladding sure to please architects bent on sustainable design.


EcoClad can contribute to up to seven LEED credits and is made of a proprietary 50/50 blend of FSC-certified post-consumer recycled paper and wood fiber, and also with bamboo fibers.  Everything is bound together with a water based co-polymer resin, and the resulting product is durable, scratch-resistent, and stylish.

EcoClad is available in 10 wood grains and 8 matte colors, all as stock products, but more and various custom color matching is available from Kliptech.  Standard sheet sizes are 1/4″ x 48″ x 96″, but as with the colors, custom sizes can also be fabricated.  Read more about EcoClad specs here.




Credits: EcoClad.

  • metrohippie

    Preston, glad you posted this. I’m really excited about this product! I’ve done some work with EcoTop and the stuff is incredible… I can only imagine the siding will perform just as well, and it looks funky fresh!

  • SphereTrending

    This is the same as the material on the exterior of the Builder Living Home, correct? I love the look of it in gray!

    • Preston

      Definitely is the cladding on the BUILDER LivingHome. I love the dark gray, too.

  • Bridgette Steffen Meinhold

    Has anyone worked with this and have first hand knowledge construction and durability? It looks great though.


      We have used PaperStone and that is a very durable product. PaperStone has a 15 year warranty

  • Christian

    When you click on the warranty it says it is not warranted for outdoor use. Hopefully that is just a bad link, lol.


    PaperStone is a great product. We have worked with it and people love it

  • NY Designer

    What a great product! We have been looking for an alternative to the European exterior cladding products and this is just the ticket. The fact that it comes from the same guy that created paperstone and ecotop gives this product so much credibility.

  • Anonymous

    We are really glad to see more movement in greener cladding products. We understand the waste that is created in traditional cladding solutions and have approached the issue our own way, but you products look great. Congrats!!

  • Alex

    I am looking for a Board & Batten look

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  • John Parker

    Really good work You done on this blog. I want to buy this cladding for my house, Can you please tell me the installation charges of this?
    vinyl siding

  • Greenfields Building Solutions

    Please send me details about the product & let me know if anybody is marketing this in India. If nobody is then I would be interested in promoting this

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