Old 1910 Warehouse Converted to Virginia's First LEED Condos

Cromley Lofts Exterior Cromley Lofts Interior

The Cromley Lofts in Alexandria, Virginia have earned a Gold level certification making them the first condos in Virginia to become LEED certified.  These 8 beautiful units are located in The Old Town area of Alexandria in a vintage warehouse building circa 1910 — a fitting example of the environmental benefits of adaptive reuse. 


The condos retain many elements of their commercial past, including brick walls with spray paint and rough-hewn beams.  The Lofts’ green elements include a gorgeous green roof, salvaged Georgian pine floors, bamboo cabinetry, cork flooring, low-voc carpets, paints, glues and sealants, Energy Star appliances, and the wonderful dual-flush toilets. 

The style is a unique mix of rustic, industrial, and modern while still achieving a sense of warmth.  One and two-bedroom units are available, some with a rooftop terrace.  Prices range from $535,000-645,000. Not cheap, but unique, green, and certainly fun.  Learn more about Cromley Lofts on their website.

Cromley Lofts

Cromley Lofts - Kitchen Cabinets

Cromley Lofts - Bathroom

Cromley Lofts - Greenroof

Photo credits: Cromley Lofts.

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely beautiful! The brick columns add so much character.

  • http://notsoliteral.blogspot.com JR Moreau

    I am drooling over these right now.

    • http://www.jetsongreen.com Preston

      No joke, I think Sarah is spot when she says it has a “mix of rustic, industrial, and modern while still achieving a sense of warmth.” So nice.

  • S.

    how do they open the shower door :) amazing building… I want to live there!

  • http://www.wicanderscorkoakblog.com Team Wicanders

    Hi Sarah,
    What a beautiful project! We congratulate the owners/developers who had the vision of not only renovating, but doing it in an eco-friendly manner. Love the cork oak flooring, but we’re partial. We hope you visit our blog to learn more about the wonderful properties of cork oak, and how it was a very smart decision by the Architect to specify it.
    Team Wicanders

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