Chicago Plans Gargantuan 1140 Acre LEED Neighborhood Development

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Looks like Chicago city planners have big ideas for a 1140 acre swathe of land in South Chicago.  The spot is former U.S. Steel land, and planners have been mulling development options for the spot since about 2000.  Now, they'd like to submit a proposal for a green development with sustainable neighborhoods, green buildings, street cars, and bicycle paths, etc.  Officially referred to as the "South Chicago LEED Neighborhood Development Initiative," the plan would be rated by the USGBC's LEED-ND pilot program and would unravel over roughly 20-30 years. 

The gargantuan development aims to mix smart growth, mixed uses, and LEED-ND guidelines to create a livable, vibrant, sustainable new community in South Chicago.  It's certainly one of the boldest initiatives going on across the nation right now. 

Early on, one of the challenges with the plan was figuring out what to do with 573 acres of No Man's Land, a desolate area covered in slag (a rock-hard by product of making steel).  They fixed that by taking excess sediment from the Illinois River and covering slag with it.  Now, the area is growing plants and very well might become the foundation to one of the largest green developments in the U.S.

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  • LHahn

    This looks like a win-win for everyone involved – new neigborhoods, green building and job creation all at the same time. My client, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) believes these are vital for the success of the economy as President-elect Obama arrives in the Oval Office. Check out the AIA blog, The Angle (, to learn more about the AIA’s suggestions for the economic recovery package as well as its Rebuild and Renew plan, which could create 1.6 million new jobs for construction workers, designers, architects, etc.

  • Anonymous

    Great! Next, bio-gas humanure to keep it out of lakes and rivers, sell the gas, then radiate the sludge to render it safe for use as a soil builder and spread copious amounts where land is devastated! Feed crops from this land to small animals, chickens and the like, eat the little beggars, do aquaculture for even more protein and veggies! do it communally, out of the soup-kitchens, provide basic shelter, policing, and start a whole new ‘Lowest Class” of society that can survive, and support the current “Machine” and live within it, in a mutually beneficial situation! Who knows! We may even be able to gainfully employ some of our “Legacy Workers” from the now sold off and gone to Asia industries! Let them eat our shit! that’s what I say!

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