Dundee Exterior

Alter Eco, an eco-lifestyle and makeover show hosted by Entourage's Adrian Grenier on Planet Green, features the green makeover of a 1926 Spanish-style home in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles.  The build was done in only fourteen weeks to keep up with the show's aggressive shooting schedule.  This is particularly impressive because an extra week was needed just to properly divert the construction waste from the initial demo.  The finished project received a Platinum rating through LEED for Homes and is now available for $3.5 million.

Dundee Back Yard

Dundee Back Yard Solar

The design goal was to make a symbol of conspicuous consumption … consume less.  Typically highlighted green features are made to blend in so that the final product is indiscernible from any other custom built luxury home.  The solar panels are neatly tucked in between rows of reused Spanish roof tiles or are arranged to look like a metal sun umbrella.  The cabinets are custom and made of wheat board, and the tiles in the master bathroom's shower are made of recycled beer bottles.  Even the ubiquitous backyard pool is saltwater, to reduce the use of chemicals and freshwater.

Other stats include:

  • 96.2% of all materials diverted from landfills
  • PV panels create over 5 kW/day
  • Lighting with CFLs and LEDs 
  • Permeable pavers in the driveway
  • Water efficient landscaping with native plants

There is plenty of room for irony in this 4000 square foot green home.  Efficient and nearly off-grid, the Alter-Eco Home uses only $50 per month for electricity but has a $23,000 mortgage.  There are no "truth windows", but the studs, insulation and sub floor have already co-starred with supermodel Angela Lindvall.

The developer, Richard Byrd, an ecologist and master of self-promotion understands just how to mix sustainability and extravagance.  After all, anyone could just buy a Bentley, but who would think to convert it to run on ethanol? 



Photos Credit: Byrd Development.