Adam Kalkin Maine Container House


This Brooklin, Maine home, designed by architect Adam Kalkin, may not be brand new to the green scene (it was built in 2003), but its unique design still looks so fresh today that I had to write about it.  The beautiful home stretches the boundaries of modern design and is truly a work of art.  It was created by stacking a dozen orange "reclaimed" shipping containers in a T-shape while replacing some of the steel pannels with large windows looking out over the rocky peninsula to Blue Hill Bay. 

With sleek, forward, modern design that looks this great, you're usually looking at a huge price tag.  But by using readily available, inexpensive shipping containers to construct the home, Kalkin managed to keep the price of this stunning home at about $125/square foot. 

The coolest part of Kalkin's designs?  The playfulness of the interior spaces.  The feeling as if there are houses, courtyards, and exterior entrances within the house; there are so many surprises, so much to catch your eye.  Just too cool.





Photo credits: Peter Aaron/Esto.

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  • sally

    My Gawd, I can’t get enough of this place.

  • Brian Neill

    A classic, for sure. I love the way the interior is broken up in that house, with the huge open courtyard….

  • container house

    more pictures with container house

  • eileen

    How is this home insulated. I see exposed corrugated metal and windows. It looks like you’d freeze in winter.

    • Gary

      heated floors for sure – not sure of insulation

    • Pa04963


  • Anonymous

    Lovely but less than practical from both energy efficiency and space usage perspectives. This is an important early step but let us not forget that it is fantastic, quite literally. Bravo! But let’s move on. Seriously.

  • havelotskids

    Amazing and quite beautiful to look at. Can easily imagine living here with the spectacular views.

  • Edie Layland

    Beautiful! Where can I get more information regarding a Kalkin container house? I’d love to see floor plans and pricing. I live in Southern California, so would also like to see information on shipping costs.

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  • Courtneyconary

    Wow, amazing… Positively mind blowing.

  • Louie Gee Gareza Tolentino

    is that suited for tropical climate..what specification that can withstand any climate specially if the site is near the beach.

    • John

      I had soldier’s that lived in connexes in Iraq and lived better than most. Now I do not know about what salt water can do to these connexes but they work great in extreme heat if insulated well.

      • FibonacciSequence

        Shipping containers are designed and built to carry cargo on steamship lines, and when they’re in storage it’s typically at a seaport. So if someone chose units that were in good condition they should do very well in coastal communities.

  • Ronald

    It is a cross shape..and not a t shape…4 containers are in the middle ?

  • Ronald

    It is a cross shape..and not a t shape…4 containers are in the middle ?

  • Joseph Schneider

    Would like to know the floor plan of the other 10 containers. And are they 20′ long? I think I would put a bridge in the middle also.

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