This is Hangar 25, a LEED Platinum certified airport hangar located at the Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, California.  It’s the world’s first aviation hangar to achieve such a high level of certification from the USGBC.  The 60,000 square foot structure was built by Shangri-La Construction without a significant cost increase over building a non-green airport hangar — a fact that furthers the financial case for green building development.  Check out this green list of accomplishments:



  • 61% less indoor water use than code-compliant building
  • 51% less landscape water used than a typical building
  • 77% of construction/demolition waste was recycled
  • 35% of the value of construction materials from recycled materials
  • 48% of the value of construction materials were locally harvested
  • Over 95% of regularly occupied spaces were daylit
  • The building received 14 of 15 EQ points under LEED
  • The building received 17 of 17 EA points under LEED
  • Building produces 110% of total energy needs on-site with solar
  • Airplane process loads will be powered with solar charging carts
  • Building has 7 efficient Big Ass Fans for air circulation/comfort

This positive-energy, $17-million hangar is poised to become a game changer in the industry.  It’s supposed to be significantly cheaper to operate than a non-green hangar.  You’ll notice in the images that the facility has abundant natural light coming inside; that helps keep the lighting bills down and reduce reliance on mechanical systems. 



Image credits: 3030 N. Clybourn Avenue.