When we first published news that Dallas was planning the nation’s first sustainable city block, the exact location hadn’t been named.  In anticipation of the location, I guessed south downtown, and it turns out, hit the proverbial nail smack dab on the head.  The sustainable city block is right by the convention center and Dallas City Hall (designed by I.M. Pei and featured shortly in Terminator I believe).  It’s also in the general vicinity of another green project we featured previously called Buzz Lofts.  So the location is spot on and prime for some serious green innovation. 

Last Friday, the City of Dallas, in collaboration with Urban Re:Vision and Building Community Workshop, hosted a Design Charrette to examine the framework and community impact of a sustainable, urban square block.  They want to start with a block and eventually expand beyond that.  As time goes on, possibly other cities will start sustainable city blocks.  And thereby, through this process, green cities of the future will be created: one block at a time. 

The next step is an international design competition to actually conceive a sustainable city block at this location.  We’ll keep you posted. 



Image credits: Revision Dallas.