Solucent Architectural Mesh Allows Natural Light While Saving Energy


Cambridge Architectural recently released a new product called Solucent, an architectural mesh system for building interiors and exteriors.  To market the product, they’ve created a clever tagline, too: "Where the Sun and Shade Mesh."  This statement conveys two concepts.  First, that architectural mesh is a flexible daylighting material that can be used to allow the desired amount of natural lighting through (and save costs on electrical lighting).  Second, the mesh also reduces interior solar heat gain by shading the sun, a feature that also leads to energy savings on cooling costs. 

Solucent systems are designed based on building orientation and can be customized to meet the precise opacity requirements of a given project.  Plus, the mesh is lightweight, made of recyclable materials, and provides airflow into a building. 

Notably, mesh can contribute to approximately four LEED points through optimized energy performance, using recycled content materials, and introducing daylight and views into the regularly occupied areas of a building.  And, from what I understand, Cambridge offers full system design, engineering, and collaboration through installation.  Check out some case studies





Image credits: Cambridge Architectural.

  • Complete Savings

    Using the right fenestration can reduce building energy costs drastically. This is a good idea. One of the kinds that will go a long way towards making a greener future.


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