A new article in Portland Monthly delves a little deeper into the prefab world and discovers some new territory.  For newcomers to prefab, pricing can be quite elusive and this article clarifies a little of that (in particular, page three provides some helpful comparative information).  Some people don’t realize that certain costs may not be factored in the often-cited price per square foot (i.e., transportation, foundation, crane, site contractor, site preparation, permitting and approvals, etc.).  That’s different from a buyer’s understanding of purchasing a home from a builder or developer …

I was also interested to see how many homes certain prefab companies have sold so far.  This is an important indicator, because as companies sell more homes, they may become assembly line oriented and recognize the benefits of various efficiencies and cost savings.  Check the numbers of prefab homes sold:

Of course, these are only a few of the many companies out there innovating in the prefab space.  Other companies include Living Homes, Marmol Radziner Prefab, Blu Homes, Method Homes, Resolution: 4 Architecture, Hive Modular, iT House, etc.  Check out our more comprehensive list of prefab companies (scroll down).  And if you’re interested in green prefab, make sure to keep reading.

[+] Prefabulous: Stylish Living Straight Off the Factory Floor

Photo credit: Thomas Cobb (Ideabox rendering).