Noble Home Provides Affordable, Green, Versatile House Kits


The founders of Noble Home, based in West Somerville, Massachusetts, saw first-hand the manner with which homes were being constructed in the United States  — big, cheap, toxic, and out of the price range of many families.  So, they set out to create a new way.  Their home kits are versatile, easy to put together, sustainable, affordable, and healthy.  They offer elements such as greenhouses, root cellars, water collection, solar, wind, and even human-powered energy! 

Construction Diagram

They are also working on a solar heating system which uses the earth as a thermal mass.  This is how they explain the system: "The roof system will collect enough summertime heat to be ducted into the ground around and underneath the house.  During the winter months, this heat will radiate back inside while the house also collects winter passive solar heat."  This is known as Passive Annual Heat Storage (PAHS) and was first used in the early 1980’s.  Noble Home is even looking for customers willing to try out this system with material costs paid by them: where do I sign up

Noble Home does not use any materials that off gas.  The designs mostly include locally grown woods, compressed straw panels, and aluminum doors and windows.  They also offer natural interior finishes as an alternative to painting or staining.

Nobel estimates that their finished homes will have cost between $100-$150/square foot depending on how much of the work you do yourself.  They suggest that the average custom-designed home costs about $200/square foot today; the majority of these homes are not energy efficient and are filled with toxic materials, making Noble a very attractive option for a green and healthy home.

Noble’s homes are available in one and two-story.  In this article are photos from Jennifer Morgan’s two-story Noble Home project on Cape Cod.  It looks like a beautiful home.  To learn more about Nobel Home, visit their website.

Noble Home Green Home Kits

Noble Home Green Home Kits

Noble Home Green Home Kits

Noble Home Green Home Kits

Photo credits: Noble Home.

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