Update 6/15/2010: Puma City Revised for World Cup 2010!

Realizing this site might be a little overweight in the container architecture department, I'm going to blog this and try to abstain in the next few weeks.  But Puma City, like the Freitag Flagship Store in Zurich (only less banged up looking), is another illustration of industrial design and adaptive reuse combined. The 11,000 sf retail installation was designed by LOT-EK and uses three levels of forty-foot containers stacked four units wide to create an incredibly dynamic design. 


It's the kind of space that's just ripe for nightlife, what with the second and third level deck areas.  I imagine customers can slip on a choice pair of sneaks and go out on the veranda to see if they make them jump higher or run faster. 

If you look at the interior image, you'll see that the space is pretty unconstrained — some IBU floors are cut out to create more air and open space.  The whole design is capturing, but what I like most is that Puma City is completely and fully mobile.  So let's just say the location isn't working out.  You take it down and put it up somewhere else with a little extra work and shipping.  This is the exact kind of future envisioned by a recent book called Portable Architecture




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Image credits: Danny Bright + LOT-EK.