34 Stunning LEED Platinum Projects

Swaner EcoCenter

Update – 12/29/08: added one more that’s now going for Platinum.

There’s so much innovation in the green building space, it’s pretty hard to keep up with it all.  I mean, check out these articles below.  In the past year alone, we’ve discussed at least thirty-four different LEED Platinum projects — some are done, some are under way, and some are still on the boards.  Wow, what an incredible year in green building news!  Innovation at the highest rung of the USGBC’s LEED system continues.  And so you know, we plan to pay more attention to the greenest of green projects over the next year.  Keep us informed if your project is a legit Platinum contender, we’re certainly interested:

Holy Cross Project Show House Now Complete!


Independence Station Chasing Highest Scoring LEED Platinum

Independence Station Solar Power

Vento Residences, Greenest Multifamily in North America

Vento Residences

Portland’s First SIPs House to Save 70% on Bills!


Greensburg, First City to Require LEED Platinum

Greensburg Aerial

World’s First Platinum Home Remodel


PowerHouse Puts Economic in Eco-friendly


Austin’s Ronald McDonald House Going for Platinum


Discovery HQs Takes Rare LEED-EB Platinum

Discovery Communications LEED

Chartwell School Receives A+ from USGBC


Jewish Reconstructionist Congregation Synagogue Pursuing Platinum


Hawaii Center a Fascinating Display of Solar Potential


Pasadena EcoHouse, First LEED Platinum SCIPs House?

Pasadena Ecohouse

World’s First LEED Platinum Museum

Hemet Museum

The Platinum Look of Modern Green Kansas

Greensburg 547

Duke Smart Home Shows Off Platinum Stuff

The Home Depot Duke Smart Home

5ive Minnesota Home Secures Platinum Paper


Platinum Environmental Nature Center in Newport Beach


Platinum Leapfrog House Springs Green


One Waterfront Place Going Super Green

One Waterfront Place

Modern Alley House Goes Super Green

222 Alley House

Margarido House Going LEED Platinum [Plus Video]


PNC Planning D.C.’s First LEED Platinum Office Building


World’s First Dual LEED Platinum Building


BrightBuilt Barn Going Net-Zero, Super-Efficient & LEED Platinum

BrightBuilt Barn Rendering

Nubanusit Could Be Greenest Neighborhood in the Northeast


Justin Timberlake Seeking LEED Platinum for Golf Course Buildings


LEED Platinum Home of the Future Reduces Energy Costs by 80%

SMUD Home of the Future

LEED Platinum Twin Eco Towers Planned for Abu Dhabi

Eco Tower

Photo Tour: Swaner EcoCenter, the Greenest Building in Utah

Swaner EcoCenter

Google Puts Plans for Beyond LEED Platinum Offices On Hold

Google Living Building Plans

LEED Platinum Home Breaks Records

Gottfried Home - LEED Platinum

World’s Most Sustainable Airport Hangar


Former Bathhouse Gets LEED Platinum

Kerr Green Roof

We’ll make sure to keep the Platinum projects coming, if you’ll keep renovating, building, developing, and operating them. 

  • h

    Another one to look at if you’re in the area: the Science and Technology Facility at the National Renewable Energy Lab. It’s the only LEED Pt building owned by the US gov’t.

  • http://www.springspreserve.org mike

    The 7 building campus of the Springs Preserve is another Platinum LEED project. This cultural and historic attraction is located three miles from the Strip and offers many indoor and outdoor experiences to create a fun and educational visit for all ages. Outdoor experiences at the Preserve include 8-acres of botanical gardens, a series of walking trails leading to historical structures and a restored wetlands, live desert wildlife exhibits, a child’s play area, and a 2,000-seat amphitheater. Indoor experiences include a technologically advanced learning center, over 300 state-of-the art interactive museum exhibits and an immersive theater experience. Award winning Platinum LEED architecture and water smart desert landscaping highlight the Preserve’s dedication to sustainability.

  • Jacksons

    I know, LEED is all the rage now; I didn’t realize it, but most Herman Miller products are LEED certified now. I found this out through officedesigns.com’s green gallery. They’re having a Herman Miller sale now, speaking of which.

    • http://www.jetsongreen.com Preston


      Products are not LEED certified, buildings are. Furniture may or may not contribute to LEED credits.

  • http://www.seed-architecture.com darin dougherty

    We have a single family residential project in Portland we’re shooting for LEED platinum. Because it’s a speculative project for sale, we’re ‘pimping’ it wherever we can. We’re about 75% through construction…It’s the first permitted fully built SIPs house in Portland.


    • http://www.jetsongreen.com Preston

      Darin, I don’t know how we forgot to include your project in this list. When I get to a computer with internet later, I’ll make sure to add you to the list.

  • http://www.ecohomeguy.com Burke Sisco

    Preston –

    Thanks for the round-up of LEED Platinum projects. I share your passion and am excited to announce that one of Atlanta’s first LEED Platinum residential offerings will be completed this month. You can learn more about LEEDing Edge at tinyurl.com/5vvu9t.

  • http://www.mindshiftwiki.com Rex Miller

    Pictures are great but the business case is also important to know. We’re tracking LEED Platinum buildings that were delivered at the same or less cost than conventional construction. When that learning curve reaches a critical mass then owners and developers will pay attention to the pictures.


  • Mallory

    You can also list Sierra Nevada College’s Tahoe Center for the Environmental Sciences. It’s LEED Platinum certified as well.

  • http://www.thevillagesatcascadehead.com The Villages at Cascade Head

    Shout out to The Villages at Cascade Head too – this Oregon Coast residential community’s LEED Platinum certified homes are truly stunning.

  • Chris

    Building 20 at NASA Johnson Space Center is platinum, we worked hard to get it there.


  • Mattcguy

    IGS Energy Building in Columbus Ohio just got LEED Platinum certification.  It looks great!


  • Dru Schwyhart

    you can add the Kent Denver School Dining Hall to this Platinum list.

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